Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tell It Like It TIZ: Anti-Obama GI chickens out.

There are so many things that I want to blog about today. There are so many things in the news that I have been mind blowing just today alone. Tonight was one of those few nights that I really had a hard time trying to find my topic.

Should I blog about the recent "racial" event boiling in the media about the prominent black man arrest for "breaking into his own house?"

Should I blog about the OUTRAGEOUS laws in Rhode Island that allow 16 year old girls to STRIP as long as the are off the stage by 11:30 on a school night?

Maybe I should blog about the animal cruelty arrest of a man who, you guessed it! Had sex with his dog!!!!!

Well, all of those are topics that I'd love to cover and give my grand ol' opinion on, but when I sat down and checked some messages in my email, I came across one even better.

As many of you know, my husband is in the US Army, proudly serving and fighting for the freedoms of the world. He'll be shipped to Iraq soon, so this story hit home.

And this is where I get mad.

Apparently a reserved soldier, U.S. Army Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook, has fought in the courts to have his deployment orders to Afghanistan revoked because he believes that Barack Obama was never eligible to serve as President. He believes that Obama's birth certificate is a fraud and that he was not born in Hawaii.

This half-assed soldier volunteered to go to Afghanistan back in May and was issued his papers in June. Now, when you volunteer, they give you up until your reporting date to back out for whatever reason, but this dude didn't do that. Instead he got an attorney. Which leads me believe that he had an agenda.

Now let me tell you about this chick.

This chick is one of those haters that has been trying to get Obama out of office from the jump. She is the LEADER of those crazies that are trying like the dickens to dig up dirt on the Prez by saying that he's really not a citizen, that his birth certificate that he provided is a fake and that congress, and who ever else that is in higher power, the folks that are waaaaay beyond her little law degree, aren't smart enough to check the legitimacy of a birth certificate.

Does she realize that the President and his ALL of business was SPIT SHINED and searched with a white glove before he raised his hand and said I DO to America?

Well apparently she found her a sucker soldier that she could use as a guinea pig to get a lawsuit going to say that, Hey, I don't wanna follow the orders of my country.

I think that Maj. Cook is a coward. I think that he used this as an excuse to chicken out of something that he had gotten too deep into and not ready to face. I think that he is a disgrace to the uniform of any branch for using such a petty excuse against our commander-in-chief to get out of his obligations. I would have respected him more for saying that he was afraid. I would have respected him more for doing his job for his country, even with the adverse opinion of Obama. MANY people disagreed with our previous president and his handling of Iraq. They complained, but still supported him and did their jobs.

I feel that the courts were wrong for awarding him the win on this case and that he should instead be dishonorably discharged from the Army because he no longer has a place in our military. He doesn't deserve to be a soldier of intergrity and strength. He doesn't possess the qualities. I would NOT want this soldier to be the expected to protect MY soldier over there.

This is OUR military. These are men and women that are sent to fight for our freedoms, many never returning. But they go anyway. Different races, different ages, different religions different cultures, different beliefs.

They band together and become ONE.

Not just an Army of one, but a military of one so that we can remain a country of one.

This California lawyer, Orly Taitz, while she is now basking in the victory of the win in court, should really stand back and take a look at herself and what she is really fighting for. She is not just fighting against Obama here. She is fighting for the separation and the breaking down of our country at a time when we need to stand strong and stand together the most. If every soldier begins to see this as a way out of fighting in every war to come, where will that leave us? How strong can we be?

Read the full story here. Please tell me what you think. This post does not reflect the views of my husband, family or friends, but are my own thoughts immediately after reading the article.


The Peach Tart said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Thank you husband for his service.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I totally agree about the crazy sore losers who fail to grasp that our President IS indeed a citizen. As if anyone could get by with not being "legit" when it comes to being the leader of the free world.

And the police arresting the man in Massachusetts? Insane. I would be SOOO pissed if I were him.

Stephanie said...

My husband is a soldier too; he spent almost two years in Iraq. He finds this story as appalling as you do, as I do.

We are not Obama supporters; we're a very conservative family. But you don't get a political opinion in the army. You don't get to choose under what president you will and will not do your job. I find this as disgraceful as people who said Bush wasn't really the president and wore shirts that said, "Not My President" or some nonsense like that.

Be he right, wrong, or indifferent, Obama IS the commander in chief, and this soldier does not have the luxury of only serving those with whom he agrees.

I agree with you, his military career should be over.

La Pixie said...

obviously, I am no fan of Obama. however, the whole "fake birth certificate" thing is just laughable. I cringe when people say it, because its just stupid.

I hadnt heard about this soldier, but I think he should be ashamed. He volunteered for a duty and he should do that. It doesnt matter who the commander in chief is. This guys word is now worth NOTHING as far as Im concerned.