Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woes of the Army Child

My heart broke last night.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot came into the room where I was sitting at the computer.

His eyes were wide, sad... glassy.

Me: What did you do?

Sir-Talks-A-Lot: I didn't do nothing.

Me: Well what's wrong then?

Sir-Talks-A-Lot: It's just... I'm... Sad.

The cracking in his voice made it evident that there was about to be tear flowing.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot: I don't want daddy to go to leave.

I didn't know what to say as he layed his head in my lap and cried. There's still over a month. I'm not ready for this. When Hubs deployed to Korea, Sir-Talks-A-Lot was the one that I had to console for many nights. He's very sensative and very caring and he gets really broken up over a loss.

So I tried to console him and tell him that there is still plenty of time before his daddy has to leave and that he has to make sure that he spends as much time with him as possible until then.

He raised his head up and looked at me again, trying to wipe away the tears.

I don't want daddy to go to Iraq. What if he nevers comes back? I don't want to have to go to another funeral.

(My uncle died of sickle cell about 2 years ago and this was they kids' first experience with death)

What does a mother say when he heart is breaking realizing that her baby is afraid of losing his daddy in the war? What do you tell a 7 year old?

I assured him that his daddy would be fine. His daddy is privelidge to work in an office environment when he gets deploys he is going to be fine.

He had a lot of what-if questions after that.

What if the bad guys come?
What if they have to move to a different place?
What if he doesn't come back?

Questions that mom doesn't have the answer to right now. Questions that are lurking within me as well. Questions that are just not right for a child to have to worry about.

So as the time comes closer, I realize that we have to sit down and prepare the children. They have questions and fears that it seems that they have been scare to talk about.

I just hope I'm strong enough to answer them.

He left the room, seeming content as he went off to go play with his siblings.

He returned a few minutes later and said:

I'm just going to pray for daddy every night while he's gone that he come home safe.

I smiled. He's so sweet.

Me: That's the best thing that you can possible do, baby.


Kristin said...

What a wise young man you have. I will be praying for his Daddy too while he's away.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm glad that he was able to talk to you about what he's feeling. Does he talk to your hubby too about his fears and worries?

The good thing is that he's not holding it in so it definitely will provide an opportunity for you all to talk many more times.

My prayers will be with him as well and the family because I know it's not easy.

Summer said...

Ok. THAT! Just made me tear up.

I love that kid...and I am totally going to be praying for his daddy!

Adorable blog, by the way!

Ms. Bar B: said...

Hugs to you and your family...

I have an award for you so stop by and pick it up.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

It's a difficult subject, I wish your family peace, clarity of thought and a safe return for your husband.

Nap Warden said...

Sending good thoughts to you and your family:)

Anonymous said...