Monday, January 11, 2010

My Little Dr. King!

Okay, so I'm up and going again this week. Today is Monday and without any phone calls from friends or any begging or any excuses. I went to the gym.

I've decided that I like the gym a lot better than the treadmill at home.

At the gym, there's no TV to stop me.

No house phone ringing with telemarketers to bother me.

No Jehovah's witnesses ringing the doorbell.

No Kirby sells person at the door offering me a 2 liter Coke if they can come in and clean my carpet.

You know? There's no excuses to stop to let the dog outside

Or... did I check that email?

There are just other people, doing the same thing that I'm doing who are more motivated than me, unknowingly pushing me not to stop because did she start before me? Or Is she still running? I can't stop before her.

I'm not doing much yet. I mean, I still suck, but I'm out there, giving it my all most and doing it every day that I have available. I'm proud of myself for that much!


Okay, so last night I was on Facebook, my favorite spot, and I'm playing Cafe World with the kids over my shoulders watching. Cafe World has me addicted to the game world. I have to check on my food every few hours. I mean, I can't let it spoil! Dang on shame that the Cafe gets more meals cooked than the kids do during the week!

Anywho, I have check in because after 12 hours of waiting, it was time for my pumpkin pie to be served.

Cam is checking out that pumpkin pie and says,

"Mom, people say pumpkin pie is for white people... WE ARE AMERICANS! We can eat what we want, do want we want and be whatever we want to be... in America! We can eat pumpkin pie!"

During the holidays, he wanted pumpkin pie. He was jokingly told that we (as in black folks) don't eat pumpkin pie. We eat sweet potato pie. He decided he wasn't gonna eat any pie because he likes his pie PUMPKIN!

So last night, I was taken aback by my little Dr. King because he said these world SERIOUS, with feeling and conviction! He meant those worlds. And he didn't leave out the fact that everyone should be able to make their on decisions!

Amen, Cam! Amen!


yonca said...

I am not going gym this year. But i spend one everyday on my indoor bike.
feels great.

African American Mom said...

I am contemplating the gym but I am wondering how committed I will be.

Glad for you though!

Jay and Sherrie said...

YAY!!!! Good for you! I just went to the gym for the first time this year. It felt great, in that painful sort of way.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Good for him, he spoke his convictions and I'm sure you'll be making pumpkin pie as well as sweet potato from now on.

No gym for this girl. I would rather be in the comfort of my own home.

Nap Warden said...

Go you!

Drama Queen said...

Hey - check out my blog today - there's a little something there for you! Congratulations!