Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tooth Fairy is OLD!

The tooth fairy is getting old!

This morning, three days after losing his tooth, my 7 year old walks into the kitchen holding 3 dollars.

Me: Where'd ya get the money?

Cam: The tooth fairy brought it.

Me: Didn't you lose your tooth like 3 days ago? Why are you just now getting money under your pillow?

Cam shrugs: I don't know. I guess she's just slow!

CJ butts in: She's just getting old!

Me, a little offended: OLD? Why would you say she's getting old?

CJ: She use to be able to fly fast. Now it always takes her days to get to us. I figure she's just flying real OLD now.

He demonstrates a crooked, slow flying motion.

OLD may very well be the reason behind why the tooth fairy FORGETS to get the tooth the first night it is lost! LOL!

BUT in the tooth fairy's defense, she only forgot the FIRST night. The second night Cam was sick and didn't check for it!


And another one came out tonight!

You know, having boys can really give you a heart attach if you're not careful!

The boys were wrestling, as usual and I hear,




Me: What Tooth??? WHAT TOOTH???

A bloody mouth comes around the corner with a HUGE empty spot right in the front.

My mouth falls open at the missing front tooth. Didn't he already lose that one?

It was loose anyway, the bloody mouth said.

I was able to breathe again as I realized that Cam had only lost one of his front teeth until now and that the one that was now MIA from his mouth was indeed a baby tooth!

He and CJ go into the bathroom to doctor up the bloody space with some salt water and I go back to cooking dinner, amazed that there were no tears with this accident.

In the bathroom I hear:

Cam: CJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHH! eeeeeeeeehhhhhh

CJ: Sorry!

Cam: Why did you do that?????!?!?!?! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh!

CJ: Sorry!

I go into the bathroom to find out what the tears are all about. I mean, shucks! The painful part is over!

Cam in tears: CJ dropped my tooth down the drain!

CJ: I didn't mean too!

Tears tears and more tears.

Me: Why are you crying so much? You weren't gonna keep it anyway.

Cam: But.... the ... tooth fairy.... sniff sniff.... now she won't leave nooooothing..... eeeeeeeeeeee!

His brother comforted him with telling him the story of how he lost his first tooth before it could reach the pillow and he still got something for it.

I told him that it was okay. That the tooth fairy understands that sometimes those tiny little things get lost and that maybe she will still bring something. She can find those lost ones anyway. And she's small enough to go down that drain to get it.

Still mad at his brother. He dried his tears and all was okay in the universe again.

Now if she can just remember to come tonight!

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Together We Save said...

The tooth fairy that visits us has know to be a few days late too.