Friday, January 29, 2010

President first State of the Union. Thought I forgot?

Good Friday Morning!

Now you didn't think I was gonna let the President's very first State of the Union Address go by and I not address it, did you?

If you did, I've been slacking!

Is it just me, or is this man one of the most charismatic people you've heard give a speech.

I love the way he just gets up there and Tells It like it T-I-Z, ya know? He is just so poised and so dignified... Shoot if I wasn't married, he is probably the only grey-haired man who I'd give a chance! LOL!

He said a lot of things that just made sense. I think that if those that oppose him so much would stop and listen to what he was saying instead of letting the fact that they oppose HIM get in the way, they would realize that the stuff he says make sense!

One of my favorite lines in the speech was when he said that if anyone had a better way of doing things, let me know. I mean, rather than complaining and opposing and trying so hard to get every single issue thrown out, come up with some real solutions, rather than trying to keep things that way that they were, cuz that mess didn't WORK!

I also liked this statement. "I know there are those that disagree with the overwhelming evidence of climate change." LOL! I mean, really, if the evidence is sitting right there in front of you in study after study after study, and you still disagree... either your mind is a little off key, or somebody, i.e. the big oil companies, is putting a little in your pocket to convince you to side with them on this very real and very evident issue!

"No one should go broke because they chose to go to college." How can anyone not agree with that? Why should people who chose to educate themselves to make money to support their families have to struggle to pay it back for YEARS. Ridiculous! It's like getting penialized for becoming a better person. A $10,000 tax credit for 4 years of college? Time to get my butt in school! If that doesn't motivate young people to get into college, nothing will!

And, some may not agree, but like he said, WE STILL NEED HEALTHCARE INSURANCE REFORM! I'm in the military and I already have healthcare that is government managed and you know what, I wouldn't want it any other way. The monthly premiums that the soldiers pay is LOW and alothough you may find me complaining about it sometimes, it is still great care. It is still care that I trust to take care of my 3 most precious things in the world. My children. It is care that I know I will never be turned away from getting because some paperwork isn't matching up, because an HMO doesn't cover what we need done or because the condition is pre-existing. Doctors should be rewarded on performance and not for how many patients that can push through the doors! Everyone should be able to have healthcare no matter what their financial position.

He said, " I didn't take on healthcare because it's good politics." His approval ratings are down and a lot of it is due to the fight for healthcare. But, you know that many great leaders had to fight for their belief.

All in all, for me it was a great speech. I mean, he let the people know that he is trying to do the things that he promised; don't forget that he inherited a mess that he has to first clean up. Yes he has added to the deficit, but, you know how you have to invest in a business to make money? Hmmm, same concept.

So for those of you who sit around being negative about what this President is trying to accomplish and who are always trying to find fault rather than find solution, realize that you are part of the problem. You are part of the reason that "change" is taking a stroll rather and a sprint into our country. Know that a country divided will fail. I'm not saying agree with everything, but give this man some credit for trying to get us out of the mess we are in.


Drama Queen said...

Amen, sister.

Quit the political fighting and get down to work and get 'er done.

I think he's doing the best possible job he can be, with what he's up against. He can't do it all himself - and he can't do it all in one day.

So - how's the Wii?? Have you had a chance to play it, or have the kids taken it over?! :)

GinaLicious said...

Obama def has a oratorical skills. Considering all the BS that he has to fix from the last administration, I think that he's doing a fan-frikkin-tastic job.