Friday, November 5, 2010

#2 is so great!

Okay, so I spent the day at the school yesterday, first doing my regular volunteering for Miss Missy's Kindergarten class, then moved on the Kid 2's class to help out with whatever was needed.  She is so great.  I really love his teacher.  This is her 2nd year teaching this child.  She moved up to third grade this year and I jumped at the opportunity to have her again.  She taught Kid 1in 2nd grade, too.  AND, I had her to sign a promissary note that she would not retire until she had Miss Missy.  That was BEFORE the orders were dropped for Arizona.  (BOOOO)

So yesterday, she had Kid 2 pick up the library books from the class and choose a partner to help him return the stack to the library.  He chose and was happy to roll the books down the hallway on one of the rolling chairs.  When they left, Mrs. B came over to me and said,

"I'm so proud of Cam for choosing her."

She went on the explain that NO ONE ever picks this little girl.  She said the girl is quiet and shy.  On top of that, she was obviously a little overweight.  We all remember what it was like for shy children that had ANYTHING different about them.  Some of us may have even been that child at one point or another.

Well, when he came back, she gave him a HOOT LOOT ticket.  (A ticket given when you are caught being Prepared, Polite and Positive)

She asked him did he know why he was getting a ticket and took him into the hallway to explain it to him.

How great is my child, you ask?

Well, when she came back in, she told me that she asked him, "Why did you pick Sally? (not really her name... I don't think)"

He told her.  "Well, I wanted to pick some one to help me that I have never picked before.  Everyone should have a chance to help."

Seeeeeee!  Isn't he just the coolest child ever??  He has such a good heart.  He is the one that gives me the most lip, but he is also the one who's heart is way bigger than... well, his HEAD! 

Don't tell him I said that!


Kristin said...

That is awesome! That's a reflection of the good things his Momma has been teaching him! :) If every parent would teach their kids to be accepting and kind, this world would be such a different place!

Drama Queen said...

That is fantastic...what a great heartwarming story! You have every reason to be so proud of him! Woot!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

He will certainly keep such a big heart when he chooses his girlfriends too.

That was so sweet of him and to have the teacher recognize it shows how much she cares as well.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

@ Kristin - I have to agree. Parents should teach their children how important it is to accept everyone. I've met some pretty mean kids that will talk bad about anyone who is different than they are and the parents think its funny.

@ Drama Queen - I'm very proud of him. He has so many similar stories I could tell.

@CCD - His teacher said he is going to make a great husband. LOL! She IS a very caring teacher. I'd follow her to 4th grade if she looped up again!