Monday, November 22, 2010

Christmas Lists

It's that time.  For weeks, more than a week now, I have been asking the kids to let me know what their biggest wants are this Christmas.  Last year, I told them to give me 3 things that they really wanted.  This year, I allowed them to increase the number to 10.  I think it gives Santa a better variety to choose from. 

Miss Missy wants an array of things.  She has been wanting a new B.F.C. Girls doll.  She got one for her birthday and says she need a friend.  A friend and a bed.  She is also wanting a Princess and Me Aurora Doll, which is a little costly at 50 bucks.  I'm just not sure that is going to pass.

Cam is hoping for a hamster.  I'm thinking this may be doable.  I love animals and, though I have had guinea pigs, a rabbit, a huge turtle my dad brought home from the wild and some dogs, a hamster I did not have.  Well at least not one I can remember, because according to my mom, when I was really young I had hamsters that were eaten by our family cat.  He is also REALLY wanting an animal habitat for a frog or crickets or some other creatures.  He likes animals and this would be a great educational project for him.

CJ is looking to get a microscope.  He's a science nut.  I think he would love seeing how things work and how things grow.  I'm considering getting him a few other things with a science theme where he can do projects and sciencey stuff.  A little over my head, so maybe he can teach his ol' mom a few things.  He also wants a new set of speed stacks.  Has this been a craze for any of you?  A few years ago, this cup stacking thing was introduced to the kids in their gym class.  Every year they have a session in PE where they practice cup stacking.  It's really amazing how fast some of these kids are.  This year, Chris was one of the 6 finalist for the 5th grade.  Although he didn't win the title.  He is pretty good at it and wants a new set to replace his old, broken set.

Of course there were more things on their list.  Neither of the boys made it to 10.  Miss Missy, ravishing the Toys R Us Big Book, copied all she could from the pink girlie pages and asked if she could go over 10.

Now, I guess it's on to the weeding out and decision-making process.  The deal catching and hustle and bustle in the stores.  Oh how I love the holidays..... hmmm.


Mommy Glow said...

So cute! I've been asking my daughter who is 5 what she wants, and the only thing she has said ia a hula hoop! My mom was adamant on getting it for her, so I'm like hmmm. I dont like getting pointless gifts so I have to somehow figure out what else she'll love. She does love her bear from Build a Bear, so maybe a couple of outfits?? I was also thinking a karaoke stand w/ a microphone or a keyboard. My next thought is to bring her to a store and have her tell me what she wants, but that may be a disaster!
You are so organized!!

Janelle said...

The biggest thing my 7 year old asked for is a laptop. Which she will be getting a laptop mini. Her schooling is through a gifted program and they actually have them doing PowerPoint presentations in 1st grade. I love it. I think she is deserving of it. She has been handling mine since she was 2 years old and now she is owner to one of my old ones. In addition to that huge gift she wants a guitar and goldfish. I can definitely swing those. The microscope you mentioned also may be one I check out.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

@ Mommy Glow, we make a trip to the toy store every time I have to decide on gifts, but if that is more of a challenge, I say get a Toys r us catalog or sit with her as you two visit the online site. I like the Build-A-Bear idea. Miss Missy has been asking for clothes for Malia Sunshine for a while now.

@Janelle - a laptop is a tall order. It's quite unrealistic in our house, even for our 11 year old, but Kudos to you for raising such a well deserving 1st grader! My kids would be so jealous! LOL!