Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The cold, the grades and the turkey!

The cold weather has kicked in.  Guess who is spending more time in the house!

Yes, it seems that when the cooler months are among us, I tend to hibernate a bit.  I use to go out almost everyday, just to get some sun or to wear a cute pair of strappy heels.  More for the heels... and the cute tank tops.

Today, I have been in the house, enjoying a few cups of hot chocolate.

And I just polished off a PB&J sandwich, which by the way was so very awesome.

While I am loving being in my blanket and blogging on the couch, Ginger, my Summa Dog (summa this, summa that), who is normally only outside long enough to take a quick tinkle, does not even scratch at the back door to come in.  I mean, rather than clawing to get in, she is now clawing to get out every 10 minutes.  She is usually such an indoor dog that she cries on the back porch when no ones opens the door for her.

Not anymore.  The weather is cool and she is covered in fur.  Perfect for her.

It's been a fairly boring week.  I'm not use to not having anything to do.  I just finished my 2nd Semester at Kaplan University (YAY ME!!!)

I got a 98.9 in my Composition Class!  YAY MEEEE!

And get this....

I got a 99.4 in my Math Class!!

Me?  Math?

I'm so SMORT!

So, my classes were out for a week and start back on Wednesday.  I'm quite anxious because I haven't had much to do this week and didn't really know what to do with myself without being loaded down with homework.

This is weird because I never in million years woulda thunk I would actually want school to start back!

This is the same chick who got a 20% in gym in middle school!

AND, to end this post, here is Tom Turkey. 

Miss Missy's Kindergarten class was asked to disguise Tom Turkey so that he wouldn't be eaten for Thanksgiving Dinner.

Here is Miss Missy's:

Yes that's a real sponge!

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Yay for sure! That's exciting that you're doing so well, you A student! Enjoy the time off!

What a great idea to disguise Tom as Sponge Bob. I bet he won't get eaten.