Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Birthday To MEEEE!

Yesterday was my Birf-day!!!!

Happy Birf-day To Me!

Considering that it is my first one away from home... and by home I mean Georgia... It was ceratinly a day that brought a smile to my face.

I received my first birthday text sometime in the middle of the night and when I heard it, I immediately knew that it was my Beat Friend, wishing me a Happy Birthday.  She always waits until after midnight and is ALWAYS the first person to tell me happy birthday on my birthday.  

My family called to tell me happy birthday through the day, my dad did a photo tribute with tons of pics of me on Facebook and my friends wished me happy birthday on FB all day long.

Hubs was off work.  He is on permissive TDY for 10 days which means he's home chillin'!

He took me to one of my FAVE stores, Cato, to pick out a little something.  I got 2 pair of jeans because they were on sell for $11.99 and I couldn't pass on the deal, a shirt and some jewelry to match.  Cato is one of my favorite places for jewelry.  They always have the cutest little accessories, bra and pantie sets that FIT a D cup, and shoes.  I picked up a few things, but decided against.  There was this adorable silver butterfly necklace that was actually a clock, but I decided against it when Hubs said, "Uh, you're not going to get that, are you?"  Guess not.

Then I shot over to Marshall's and pick out this cute green sweater.  Now I know I'm in Arizona and wont be able to wear this stuff for much longer, but they really haven't put out any spring clothes yet... I guess in hopes of getting rid of some of the left over winter clothes.

So, anywho.  Time during the day is short because the kids have to be picked up WAY earlier than they did in GA.  I've gotta be in the car rider lines to pick up Miss Missy at 2:15 and then it's on to pick up the boys at 2:55.  Yeah, they go to different schools.  K-2 at one school and 3-5 at the other.  


But, my point being, that cuts the day really short, it was on to lunch at Applebee's.  We were gonna see a movie, but time was not on our side.

So... we pick up the Kiddies and Hubs says I needed to leave the house for a while so that they could prepare a little something for me.  

2 hours or so later, I come back to the house to a SURPRISE PARTY complete with birthday hats, blowers, and pink and blue balloons and streamers all over the dining area!!

They are so great!  There were 2 small cakes.  One vanilla (Miss Missy doesn't eat chocolate) and a nice chocolate one ( I LOVE chocolate!)  

AND... there were PRESENTS!  The kids got me perfume and....... THAT CUTE LITTLE BUTTERFLY NECKLACE I was eyeballing at Cato!  He WAS listening!!!  LOL!  

We spent the evening playing Michael Jackson The Experience on the Wii and Mario Brothers.

We finished off the evening with a HUBS-COOKED dinner of Steaks, baked potatoes and green beans!  YUM!

I have to say, this was a pretty awesome Birthday.  I wouldn't trade it in for anything !!!



Kristin said...

Sounds like a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday!!! Love that he got the necklace for you! :)

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Thanks, Kristin. He's pretty thoughtful sometimes!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Awwwwww,happy birthday to you!!! Nothing like a new place and a surprise birthday party. I love that necklace. I've never heard of Cato. I wish we had one out here!

Shay Williams said...

I LOVE you're blog! I'm glad I found it =)
Happy Belated Birthday, chica!

Jay and Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday! I'm glad it was a good one.