Monday, January 10, 2011

Seen enough. Take me home!

Okay, I've seen enough of Ft. Huachuca.  Can you take me home, please???

I think that the closer we got to our destination, the worse I started to feel.  It had to be the fact that the closer we got the more depressing the outdoors looked.  Is this nature?  Nature is suppose to be trees and streams and dear with their young following close behind.  The nature here is nothing but dry land.  The birds are even scarce!

We were 25 miles to Sierra Vista and out in the distance I could see the city.


That's when I started to fight back tears... unsuccessfully.  I his them behind the dark shades I was wearing and remained quiet while Hubs babbled on about how much he had to do in the coming days.  All I could think about was WHAT THE HELL HAD I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO? and THERE IS NO WAY MY ALREADY FRACTURED AND BRUISED MARRIAGE WOULD SURVIVE THIS PCS. 

The city is surrounded by mountain, and rock, and cacti.

The guest lodging is Budget Motel quality.  Put me in mind of my teen years when I skipped school and....

Wait, TMI!

Stuck in a 2 bed room with 1 TV, a microwave and a little tiny fridge.  This same size room was denied to us at all of the hotels because of the fire safety policy, so how can it work for the military?  Do they not go by the fire safety policy as every other hotel in the US?

Anywho, once we went "out on the town" for dinner, I felt a little better.  The city itself is not so bad and is actually much bigger than my home town in Georgia, Hinesville.  There's a Mall.  However small, it's still a Mall!  There's a Target, Walmart, Sams, Petsmart... pretty much all of the essentials.

Soon, VERY SOON, I am going to have to find a nail shop!

But I suppose I should concern myself with the small things like getting the kids enrolled in school first, huh?

Today, we're off to find a hotel to stay in.  This is just not going to get it.  1 room, 3 kids, for at least 10 days? no privacy.  No separation.  Nuh un!  I just can't do it!

And please tell me why this cleaning lady is standing in the window with her hands cupped around her face trying to see if we have checked out??  The window is tented and she can't see in without getting close.  See, THIS is why I don't do motels with outside doors and THIS is why the Ft. Huachuca Guesthouse is beneath Budget Inn Quality!

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Kristin said...

I'm so sorry! Hope it just gets better and that you find a place you like more to stay!