Sunday, January 9, 2011

On the Road Again!

Never been able to see a whole train before. 

We’re in Texas. I’m not loving Texas.  Just got on the 10 from Interstate 20.  Somewhere between our last stop in Odessa and our next stop in El Paso, the place where I spent grades one through three when I was a kid.  

The farther we’ve gotten into Texas, the dryer it has gotten.  There are almost no trees now… at least not any traditional trees that you see in GA.  There are cactus and these dead-looking stick like bushes.  You can see for miles.  You can see land and mountains.  We just passed a train and I could see the train from its beginning to its end.  I’ve never seen that before.  Back on the east coast, there are tons of trees and you’re lucky to see more than four cars at a time while it’s passing.

 We just stopped at what had to be the worst bathroom on Interstate 20.  A little small gas station out in the middle of nowhere.  We were only able to pick up Hispanic radio stations.  We were at about a half tank, but pulling a trailer and not seeing human life for miles around makes you think that you better fill up and empty when the chance arrives.  Well, I think I would have preferred to cop a squat next to a cactus.  We walked into the bathroom and Miss Missy immediately expressed her disapproval of the smell.  I had to concur.  There were 3 stalls but only 2 toilets.  The toilet in our stall was brown on the inside and I couldn’t tell if it was stained or if the patron before us had left us something to remember her by.  After THICKLY tissuing the toilet seat so that Miss Missy could squat without ANY of that YELLOW commode touching her body, I reminded her obsessively not to touch ANYTHING!!!  When we were done, we skipped the hand washing as I was sure being close to the sink would surely give us some kind of deadly fungus.  When I walked out of the bathroom, Hubs must have read my disgusted facial expression, because he immediately started laughing.  His bathroom horror story of the men’s bathroom sounded even worse than mine!

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