Monday, August 27, 2012

Popeye is not the only Spinach eater!

Spinach is one of those things that is really only good if it's cooked fresh. Or in my case, Fresh Express. My kids love when I cook spinach, to my surprise. My husband... Not so much.

When I was a kid our spinach, like almost of our vegetables, came out of a can. The one with Popeye on the front with his squinty eye, wooden pipe and big muscles. Popeye was a Sailor, so I'm sure with months at a time out on the water, just about anything tasted good... Even a can of cold spinach!

Popeye was pretty impressive on tv. The way he would squeeze open that can of spinach when he was just at the point of being clobbered by Bruno, then BAM!!! He was a Fightin' Machine, kicking Bruno's butt up and down our floor model TV screen!

Even with all his sudden strength, he didn't have me fooled! Oh no! Spinach was my least favorite vegetable! Really, they all were, as I didn't like vegetables at all, but spinach was outright YUCKY!!

I can't say the same for my little brother. He loved his spinach! He'd run around the house thinking he had the strength of 10 lions after dinner, while I sat, after being told to finish my plate, stuffing small pieces in my napkin, under the bones left on my plate, or held tightly in my hand until my mom felt I'd "eaten" enough to get up from the table.

Boy did I wish we'd had a dog!

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