Thursday, August 9, 2012

Strong President Endures So Many Thrown Stones

It bewilders me how much hate is thrown at President Obama.  If you know me, then you know that I am a hugs Obama supporter.  It's sad how he continues to get blamed for everything that is wrong with America.  

If you stop and think, we were in a huge debt prior to him being elected, one that was said would take more than one presidential term to fix.  

If you recall, it is the Republicans that have pushed back every effort that has been taken to try to improve anything about the situation he inherited.

Why?  Not because these weren't proposals that might help get the CHANGE that he campaigned on, but because by blocking every proposal and every attempt for change, the President would never be able to accomplish anything, and would look like a failure.  They counted on this to assure that President Obama would not be re-elected.  Silly thing is, with all of the blame being thrown in his direction, who holds the Senate?

Chew on that....

With a country divided by it's government, CHANGE will never come.  It seems that if there wasn't so much bitterness and spite, the Reps could accept that President Obama is the President of the United States, the man in change, the country's leader.  He won the country's vote fair and square.  Regardless of the differences of opinions, he deserves the support of his country.  Other countries are sitting back looking at us like fools as we can't hold our own democracy together, but want to be considered leaders of the free world.  Other countries are laughing at America's inability to come together and be what our forefathers intended us to be.   

What brought this thought process on, you ask?  It has been quite a while since I have spoke on politics.  Well, it was this picture posted to the White House FB page and some of the comments made underneath.  This is suppose to be a positive image of the President doing something great.  Speaking with Prime Minister of India to express condolences for recent shootings is something that shows humility and concern.  The thing is, those who are negative have no idea how many leaders of other countries call our President when things happen.  This is something you'd think Presidents are suppose to do.

The comments are always so hateful and bitter.  So bitter sometimes that they are downright scary.  Sometimes I wonder how the First Family endures such hatred in the media.  How do words and comments like these make Michelle and Barrack feel at the end of the day.  No one's heart is made of stone.  I would image that all these thrown stones have to cause lots of cracks in a person.


Simone said...

I agree. I wonder what they do to diffuse the discouragement?

Anonymous said...

PLEASE!! GWB entured a lot of terrible things said about his family, too. Where's your post on that? BO is a horrible president. End of story.