Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Ends the 104 Days of Summer Vacation

It's already 7:30 in the morning.  My intentions have been to wake up earlier because the kids are starting school in 2 days, but the earliest I have managed to get out of the bed is 7am.  I need at least another 30 minutes to be on their school time.  It's times like these when I wish I was in one of those regions of the world where school didn't start until the end of Augusta, or even early September like it use to when I was a kids.  

Are there still places where school starts after Labor Day?

I remember when I was a kid how excited I was to start school.  The new clothes, the new shoes, the new back pack with the most popular cartoon character on it.  Remember when pencil boxes where actually boxes?  I'd take mine to school, always something colorful, filled with a pack of pencils, a box of crayons, a pencil sharpener...  I'd leave for school decked out in my new gear, with a fresh new hair-do and my shiny new Cabbage Patch lunch box! 

Those were the days!  The days when summer seemed to last forever, but we were never ready for it to me over.  The days when the days didn't end until the sun set at 9:30 at night and we were allowed to stay out an soak up every minute of it. 

Here in AZ, the sun never stays out past 7:30, but man does it Good Morning way too early!

Contrary to the fact that the summer seems to be ending quite early, the kids are excited about going back.  Apparently taking our vacation to the Grand Canyon days after the last day of school made the summer "BOOOOOORING"!  Apparently there's simply "nothing to doooo" all day long and "it's too hooooooot" to play outside  (It is Arizona, so I'd have to agree).  I've got three kiddos who would rather be in a classroom all day learning something, but who am I to complain!

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