Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Workout Plan with the Kids

Spent the morning working out with Miss Missy and CJ (Cam had a lot of attitude and spent his time doing chores instead) and had a ball.  I was kind of surprised that Miss Missy kept up without giving up.  I found a great Spartan Kids Training Program for kids that was posted by a friend, but you can find the printable version at

I think we'll stick with this.  I also added in my new challenge.  Right now, we're doing the 30-Day AB CHALLENGE in my group.  Many are still working on the 30-Day SQUAT CHALLENGE and some have opted to do them both.  Want to join us?  Click on the link and join the group!

Here's the 30-Day AB CHALLENGE:

One thing Hubs and I agree on is teaching the kids to be lead healthy lifestyles.  For us, allowing them to spend countless hours playing video games without any outside time is not going to happen. 

Does this mean they aren't allow to play video games? 

Not at all.  The boys love bonding together playing NBA Live and Miss Missy has a bit of a ROBLOKS addiction when she can find an empty computer, but often we as parents tend to get lost in our own worlds and take advantage of the quiet time that the video game marathons give us.  A lot of kids spend a lot of their time playing games indoors rather than enjoying the outdoor games that we did when we were kids. 

Kids have lost their imagination and creativity and when they go outside they are BOOOOOOOORED because they can't find anything to do.  What happened to the games we use to play to pass the time while we were outside?  You  know, those days when your mama said, "Don't come back in this house or you're staying inside."  Yeah, so because of those words, we hydrated at the water hose  in the neighborhood and came up with games to play OUTSIDE. 


Any of these sound familiar?

Kids now have absolutely no idea what it means to just play outside and have FUN until the streetlights come on.

So, this summer, we're shooting for NO LAZINESS as we get up out of our beds in the mornings and get in a workout... TOGETHER!  I have committed to doing a workout plan anyway, so to add in the kids workout is just a great way to push me that much harder.  So, I'm ready.  I'm going to BEAST it this summer and be an example for the kids. 

WHEW!  I'm already tired just thinking about it!

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Tiffany Ballard said...

Love this idea! Any suggestions on outdoor activities for an only child? I could go out with him but I have a 4 month old baby to take care of so my participation is limited.