Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Babysitting equals ME time

I'm babysitting this morning. As you can tell. And although this is something that I won't do as a full time job considering that I rarely like my own kids (sorry, kids, you know mommy loves you!).

See I can deal with watching kids that don't require a lot of attention and maintenence. You know, those that occupy themselves and don't require pamper changes and food or water.

No, really, these kids are great and make babysitting easy. A 4 year old and a 2 year old.

It's like:

Hey, why don't we watch a MOVIE!!!

and I sit at my computer and google "hot summer shoes"!

Miss Missy best buddy is a little boy that lives a few houses down. He and his little brother often come by to visit and it's like being in heaven! I actually INVITE these kids to come over! Miss Missy and these boys play together and I don't hear a word out of them. No tattle-tailing, no crying, no issues. I mean, 2-3 hours of ME time with Miss Missy occupied and not asking me to be in her band or giving me a makeover!

I'M sad when they leave!

So if you want a sitter that interacts with your kid and actually takes her eyes off of the computer while your kids is at my house, if you expect that someone older than 4 will be keeping an eye on them, or if you feel that you'd like a sitter who uses something other than TV video games and snack to occupy your kid's stay, DON'T bring them here! That's NOT how I ROLL!

It's funny, but I tell everyone that I don't have a tolerance for kids. MY kids tell their friends that I don't like kids! But I think it really boils down to I really don't tolerate my own as well as I can tolerate others. Unless of course they are brats. Then they can stay at home!


Kristin said...

LOL!!! See, my kids pretty much occupy themselves, so I have no problems with them. They're all girls and they just play together really well. But, other kids come over and I just can't handle it. Their friends are so hyper and loud and I'm constantly having to tell them to quit running or to quiet down. I always have a huge headache when they leave. I don't mind kids coming over, but I want ones who can behave!!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

WE have very similar babysitting ideas. I often tell my friends with kids I'll watch their little ones as long as it's ok to lock them in the closet for the day.

As long as they can't hurt themselves whats the problem? It's an adventure. So far, no takers. LOL

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

At least you're honest, right? Besides, kids need to use their imaginations much more than they do. Happy shopping!!