Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm rollin' now!

My blogging has been scarce lately. Where I was doing this almost every day, I now am lucky to get to sit down at the computer with time to blog once a week. Even though school is out and the kids are home, I'm still heavily involved in PTO stuff. Still trying to come up with some t shirt ideas for the coming school year.

Any ideas? What do your school shirts look like?

The answer to your question is YES I do sometimes wonder what the heck I got myself into with this PTO stuff. Yeah, they do work me a lot. Yeah, there is always a function I have to attend or help plan. Yeah, I do have to meet with the board and the principal throughout the summer. AND NO I DON'T get paid for my efforts.

But you know what? It's okay with me. I have been a stay at home mom on and off for 8 years. More on than off and before I started doing PTO, I was so anxious to get back to the work field that I was ready to go back into retail with the low pay and the late hours just to have some ME time without the kids.

I'm not so set on it now. I have something for me that I actually enjoy and I get adult interaction, something you just crave as a SAHM.

So, anywho, my summer vacation has just begun. Thus far (it's only been 3 days), I am happy to have the kids home. They are not as crazy as I expected them to be. Who knows what next week will bring.

Oh, and remember when I was in the market for a new car? Well I'm OUT!

Yes, I am a proud owner of a Mazda CX-9.


Like to hear about it? Here it goes:

This car wasn't my first choice on the list. Matter of fact, it wasn't the second or third either. Matter of fact, again, I DID NOT WANT TO TEST DRIVE THIS CAR!

So, when Hubs came home one day and said that he'd stopped by the Mazda dealer and they had a crossover, I was like....... eh.

He said that, Frank, the salesman, had told him to bring me up there for a test drive and that he was sure I would like it. I was like.... eh.

A few days later, he asked if I wanted to go by and try it out.


So, another week or so went by and he thought he'd try again. Realizing that he wanted me to try this car and no wasn't really an option, I finally agreed, with my arms folded and my teeth clenched the whole ride there.

When we got there, I looked at the car and I wasn't impressed. AND, all they had was white, which was the #1 NO-COLOR on my list of don't wants.

So, Frank took us on a ride. The car was comfortable. Had a smooth ride, unlike that Saturn Outlook I'd test driven a few days earlier. I wasn't impressed with that vehicle AT ALL! The salesdude at Saturn kept saying that it was "just like the GMC Arcadia, just cheaper." I beg to differ. Okay, I'm not a car chick. I just want to get in and drive. But, after initially falling in love with the Enclave and her sister, the Arcadia, the Outlook, although very similar in looks, rode like a cheap knockoff.

So that car was quickly crossed off my list.

Now if you remember, I'd said that the Enclave was choice number 1. So, everything from that point whithered in comparison, but whatever I chose was gonna have to step up their game and give me something at least in the Enclave's class.

Well, anywho, I tested out the Mazda, with Frank riding along and telling me about all the features it came with. It was......... alright. I mean, what was a ten minute drive really gonna prove?

We went back in and talked numbers. Well, as you all know, I did not want a car payment. This was the reason I was so resistant. I KNEW I'd be needing another vehicle sometime soon as the Gator has 150,000 miles and is 11 yrs young. I just dread having that payment.

Well the numbers were good. They were giving us about 9G's off of the sticker price. GM, even though they are closing down left and right and are going bankrupt, ain't trying to give up no incentives or rebates. I'm trying to help them out by buying a car, but they weren't EVEN trying to help me out!

Well, I wasn't sold. Yes, the car was pretty much decked out, aside from not having a DVD player. I just wasn't sold. The back seat seemed really small to me. It is a third row vehicle, but its more like a car to me, and coming from my old, but luxurious Navigator, I just couldn't see giving up so much space.

A few days later, the sales manager called and offered me the car for a day since I wasn't sure. They had gotten a black one on the lot. He knew the way to my heart. I agreed to give it another go, this time with the kids.

They LOVED it! The 3rd row, the heated seats, the navigation.... you'd think they'd neer had nothing new before!

So, a week later, here I am. A proud owner of my unlikely love.

The Mazda CX-9.

Would I still take the Enclave over my new car? YES!! If I had another couple thousand rolling in every month and could afford the payment and the insurance on it. But for the price and the features, I got some BANG outta my bucks! It is well worth it. I'm not disappointed in the least.

P.S. Pictures are to come when my HUSBAND gets back with my car!

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Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

ah a new car. How exciting. Can't wait to see some pictures.

Good luck with the tshirt's I'm sure my suggestions wouldn't be PG so I'll keep them to myself LOL!