Friday, May 1, 2009

My baby is 7 and a trip to Carowinds!

It's been a while since my last post. Two weeks and that's unusual. I figured I'd better check in before my bloggy friends start to wonder if I gave up blogging.

No I haven't. Been a little busy I guess you can say...

First and foremost, I must must MUST make sure that I blog about my


Yep! My baby is now 7.

Sir Talks-A-Lot celebrated his birthday on the 27th. He is all MAN now.

For his birthday, we took a family trip to Carowinds, an amusement park in N. Carolina.

We had a blast! All of us! I don't think I've seen Hubs smile so much.

The boys were excited and Sir Talks-A-Lot got to ride his first roller coaster.

He also vowed to NEVER ride the boat again. Okay, you guys all remember the "Pirate Ship" at the fair, right? Some may know it as the "Sea Ray"? The one that rocked back and forth and then let you off? This was NOT that ride!

Okay, we saw that from a distance and got all excited to ride it. I had just come off of a Dora hot air balloon ride and was on the verge of puking (yes it was a kiddie ride, but it was spinning around and.... SHUT UP! I got sick okay!), so I decided to sit it out with Miss Missy who was too small to ride the boat ride. So while I sat by a tree trying to regain my stomach, Hubs took the boys and jumped on the boat.

Now, of course, it started rockin'.

And rockin'


And to my surprise.... and theirs, based on the looks of their VERY HIGH FACES..... it started to go upside down!

Did I mention that Sir-Talks-A-Lot is only seven?

Okay, the look on Hub's face was priceless as I could see, even from 50ft down, that his eyes were bulging out of his head and the words "OH, S*@T!" passed his lips.

My mouth hung open the entire time as I watched my kids hold on for dear life in terror. Sir-Talks-A-Lot was in tears. I forgot to take out the camera.

When they got off, all I could do was laugh because the look on the boys faces were priceless.

"Did you have fun?" I couldn't hold in the laugh as they gave a simultaneous NO! I probably should have been more concerned and a little more sensitive to their feelings, but I'm just not that kind of mom. THAT WAS FUNNY!

Aside from that, they had a ball!


I would post pictures, but as of lately, my computer has been in DINOSAUR mode and it might take another week to load them.


Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Oh my gosh! I love that story. My mom tooks us to hershey park when we were little and one of the times we got on a ride we "thought" just spun around but it also went up side down, my mom almost pooped her pants when she realized she let me get on by myself. LOL.

Marci said...

Glad I stumbled upon your blog~it's cute!

Ali said...

Poor guys--and your hubby too! Besides being scarred for life it sounds like everyone had some birthday fun!