Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Unhappy Housewife reviews and a givaaway!

I'm an Unhappy Housewive and here's why:

It's Saturday, and do you know what I do on Saturdays?

I Clean!

Normally I turn it into a family affair. The kids become slaves and we get down and dirty into the cleaning.

Today, I let the kids be kids and I went into a world of my own as I cleaned the kitchen, did some laundry, dusted, vacuumed....

And in order for me to spend Mother's Day tomorrow not having any housework, I figured I'd better do it today!

So it got down to the vacuuming. Well, let me tell you. A few months ago, I had to buy a new vacuum cleaner. The other one went Kaput! No it wasn't because I kept running over things that had no business going into a vacuum. Must have been one of the kids!

ANYWAY.... I don't remember what kind we had before... whatever it was I didn't like it... but this time around we purchased a Bissell. Well, we didn't buy it for the name, anyway. We bought it because it is the

BISSELL LIFT-OFF REVOLUTION (that little R should be right here) PET.

It said it would work like "MAGIC" on pet hair. Well, Ginger has been shedding a lot now that the hot weather has kicked in, so this simply HAD to be the Vacuum for us!

Okay, I'm not that thrilled with this thing.

We, as moms, are constantly looking for appliances and products that make our lives much easier. I buy the magic eraser because it quickly erasers spots and does wonder at cleaner the kids' sneakers, we buy mops so that we no longer have to get on our hands and knees (although I have an Italian friend, who, for the first year here in the states never bought a mop. The chick used a sponge and got down on her hands and knees and wiped her floors down, pregnant and all! I was like, "GIRL! You simply have to get you a mop! We are not in the medieval times anymore! You really give truth to the phrase 'Bare Foot and Pregnant'!" Don't know if she ever did get that mop. Last I checked, she'd passed the task on to her daughter.), and I'll go out and get a new product simply because it says it cleans faster. Anything to make cleaning quicker and more exciting. I'm now hoping that one day my old washer and dryer will simultaneously break down and I can go get the new Frigidaire Affinity washer and dryer set with the "MORE ME TIME GUARANTEE" just because they claim to wash AND dry in 30 minutes. (really, I don't want my set to break down because CAN'T afford one of those, but the thought....), and we buy vacuums so that we don't have to SWEEP the dog hair out of the carpet.

So this vacuum that claimed to pick up great and pick up dog hair "LIKE MAGIC"....... Again, not happy with it.

I'm use to having a vac that can pick things up. I'm not talking about dust and regular old dirt. I mean stuff like beads and uncooked macaroni noodles. You know, stuff THE KIDS might drop on the floor from one of their art projects. It is so low to the floor that it just pushes that kind of stuff out of the way. And if you happen to maybe like lift the thing up a little just to vacuum up a bead (not me, of course. The KIDS), then that bead will NEVER get sucked up in there! Instead it rattles around until you turn the thing off and it falls out.


Okay, one of my peeves is to have my carpet vacuumed and to have those vacuum lines all pretty and fresh. You know, you vacuum back and forth in a zigzag pattern in individual rows. Okay, you might not know what I'm talking about because it is a tad obsessive.

Anywho, when I can not get those lines in my carpet, it is an indication that something is clogging the suction in my vacuum.

This happens QUITE often with this vacuum! I get so many clogs and I have to get a wire hanger (am I the only one that still has some of those?), twist it and bend it to the right shape to try to dig out that clog. The hose is in such a inconvenient place on that thing that it's hard to get to the clog!

I spent 45 minutes trying to get a bunch of dust and fur out of the hose this morning. 45 minutes! That's just short of an hour! I'm a MOM! Do you have any idea what I could have done with that time?

Okay, if you can think of 5 things that you would do if you had an extra hour and you want a chance to win a pair of the Frigidaire washer and dryers like I was telling you about earlier, Go over to MomSelect where they have teamed up with Frigidaire to give some away. I'm not trying to give out too many details here in hopes that you WON'T go over there and get in on this fabulous giveaway and I'll have more of a chance.

It's not that exciting. Really. Just stick around here and keep reading my blog!

Oh, and I'm so sure that READING MY BLOG would surely be in your top 5!


Ms. Wanda said...

Housework, I thought when I grew up I'd have an Alice working for me, but as it turns out I'm Alice and Carol. My vacuum cleaners seem to break every 3 months and all I do is fuss a a lot but, no one listens. I'm thinking about going on strike:)

H.K. said...

I think a lot of moms were busy on Saturday cleaning, so that they could relax on MOther's Day, me included! I'm thinking of getting a Roomba, those robotic vacuumns that vacuumsn on it's own.

I figure if Oprah recommends it, it must be good! I'll check out the givew away.

H.K. said...

I think a lot of moms were busy on Saturday cleaning, so that they could relax on MOther's Day, me included! I'm thinking of getting a Roomba, those robotic vacuumns that vacuumsn on it's own.

I figure if Oprah recommends it, it must be good! I'll check out the givew away.

Yet said...

Hey, the giveaway sounds great. I'll leave it for the mom's though. I hope you had a fun workfree Mother's day!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Honestly, I hate vacuuming. The house we'll be moving in has all tile floors and no carpet. I'm not sure if I can get use to not running the vacuum cleaner.

Hope you win the washer and dryer!

Kristin said...

LOL! You always crack me up. Yes, an hour is a major big deal when you're a busy mom!! I hate vaccuuming too. And with 4 girls in our house, the amount of hair that gets clogged up and tangled around the roller on our vaccuum is amazing! You don't even want to know!