Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perhaps I'm just selfish.

It's Teacher Appreciation Week. This is the week that got me started in PTO, thanks to my efforts last year to make sure our new school celebrated this event.

This year, I'm sorry to say, I haven't been all that enthusiastic about it. I had all intentions of getting all excited and everything, but I just can't. It could be that at this point I am all PTO'ed out! It's the end of the year and I'm just ready for it to be DONE!

I NEED A BREAK! I work for free, PEOPLE!

Okay, we had a breakfast for the teachers and staff on Monday, which everyone loved and thanked us for. I love to feed them because they are always so appreciative for what we do, even though we do it to thank them.

I cook everyday at home and NOTHIN'!!!

Well, that's not entirely true, Sir-Talks-A-Lot always tells me thank you for cooking. I think if I stopped cooking all together, he'd whither up and die.

Oh and about Sir-Talks-A-Lot...... Monday was Flower Day. Everday the kids are to bring in a certain item for Teacher Appreciation. So on Saturday, they kids and I went to Home Depot because I needed to get some flowers to plant in my yard. Though I can't stand the sun, it is springtime and a little yard work won't kill me, right?

Well, Sir-Talks-A-Lot wanted to buys something for his teachers and they had flowers for a buck. Why not, I thought. Runnin' Man didn't show the slightest interest in buying a flower for his Mrs. Collins.

"Are you sure you're not gonna get a nothing?" I asked.

"No," was his nonchalant answer.

"I'll get one for Mrs. Collins," Sir-Talks-A-Lot said.

After a few minutes, Runnin' Man decided that he WOULD in fact buy his teacher a plant, since Sir-Talks-A-Lot was buying 3. One for his teacher, one for the parapro and one for Runnin' Man's teacher. (Or his favorite 2nd grade teacher, who he has already chosen for next year.)

Well, Monday morning I had to get the boys up early and take them to school because I had to be there to help set up the teacher breakfast. The boys had to wait in the library with their friend, who rode along with us, for the bell to ring. The other kid didn't have a flower.

Now here's where the selfish part comes in. Right before the bell rings, I hear the boy telling his teacher, Mrs. Collins, who had just come in for breakfast that he bought her a flower.

Didn't this kid just tell me this morning that he was going to get her something tomorrow?

So later I find out that Sir-Talks-A-Lot had given the boy his 3rd flower to give to his teacher.

I don't know why, but I wasn't pleased about this. I mean, I should have been happy that he was nice enough to share with the boy, right? I should have been proud. I wasn't. I guess that fact that I know that the other kids around us are older that Sir-Talks-A-Lot and try to get over on him sometimes made me forget that he had actually done a good deed.

But me, in all my selfishness could only think that Sir-Talks-A-Lot had taken the time and his money to think about his teachers, while this other kid didn't. I say he shouldn't have given him the plant! That's just the way that I feel. Selfish me! I mean, I do everything I can to show appreciation for the teachers. Some parents don't take that sort of time to do anything.

Kudos to my son for sharing, even if I don't agree with the circumstances.

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Ali said...

There's nothing worse than when someone takes credit for something they didn't do:( You're right, though, the upside is great--your son's very considerate and kind!