Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Believing in Santa for another year

Mommy Fabulous has certainly been missing in action in the blog world. Truthfully, I have had all these great posts in my head, but have not taken the time to write about them.

But today I just wanna talk about how wonderful my family is. My kids are so special.

Running Man is about to turn 10. Now with so many kids losing their belief in Santa so early, I was sure that THIS year was his year. This was that year that he was finally over the Santa thing. Now, that made me sad because when you stop believing you lose something magical within yourself that takes away from this whole season. I mean, for a few years now, about 3, his best friend has been telling him that there is no Santa Claus. 7 years old is way too soon to stop believing and I'm so glad that he has still held out hope this long.

Well, I overheard him mumble one day a few months ago that there was no Santa and it broke my heart. So I knew that this was the year. But he's so kind hearted that he would never tell the other two that Santa's not real.

This year, I was on the planning committee for two Christmas parties back to back. Our Brigade party was on Friday night and Santa Breakfast for the boys' school was on Saturday.

Now let me tell you, last year's Santa Breakfast Santa would have made any child lose their belief! I mean he was fake from head to toe. Scraggly fake beard. And he and his photographer (his son) were actually arguing in front of the kids! Like something out of a comedy Christmas scene! So this year, one of the coordinators for the Brigade party told me that the Santa they were using was "The real Santa"! His name is Chris, for heaven's sake. And I booked him for our Santa Breakfast without even a thought. Without seeing him. ANYTHING had to be better with the one from last year.

OMG! When I saw Santa, I WANTED TO SIT ON HIS LAP! He was just that great! He has a Deutsche accent. He had a white beard, abroad face and a round little belly! He was Santa! When asked what he wanted for compensation, he said absolutely nothing!! He said he doesn't do it for money but because he loves the kids. He does ton's of charity work and attends a lot of the military Christmas parties especially for companies with deployed soldiers!

OMG! It really was Santa!

Okay, so back to my point. After two days of spending so much time with the real Santa (I mean, he and I worked closely and spoke a lot both nights) the kids were amazed that I knew Santa so well.

Later Saturday evening, after all of the excitement had died down and the kids and I were home relaxing, Runnin' Man comes to me and says, "Mom, you don't have to worry about buying me a bike now. I asked Santa for one."

I smiled.

It was all I could do to keep the tears from falling. My baby has another year of believing. Thanks to Santa!


Ali said...

I have to say this post really made me smile:) Yay for Santa!

Nap Warden said...

That is so sweet:)

Totally_Toni said...

What a sweet, sweet post. My oldest is 10 too and he still believes, we are even doing the elfing around countdown to christmas and he thinks the elf's come alive every night doing the "tasks".

I believed until I was in 6th grade, so maybe just maybe he will too :)