Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's your Favorite part of the Holidays?

The deeper it gets into the holidays the harder it get to be separated by deployment.

Driving home from dropping Miss Missy off at Pre-K today, I had a moment of weakness. I mean I'm very good at hiding my feelings about things and usually don't express feelings a lot. I teared up at the thought of this being the first Christmas that Hubs isn't going to be home for the holidays. I have Chritmas music playing in my car all the time now and the blasted station played "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays" and I got that stinging feeling in my eyes. LOL! I have to admit that the holidays just aren't the same without him here.

Okay, but the holidays have also gotten the kids into a different kind of spirit. They are more aware of the situations of others and are more sensitive to understanding that some people can't get much for Christmas.

I try to keep them humble. When they make out their lists, ask to choose 2 or three things that the REALLY want and that may be all that they get this year. Of course the list never stayed below ten, but most of the requests were the "Just in case" items. LOL!

Sir Talks-A-Lot said that it's okay if he doesn't get much (not yet willing to give it all up) for Christmas. He said he understands that there are people whose parents can't get them anything and that Santa has to have enough to give those kids more. He's so sweet.

Both boys' are.

Sitting at the dinner table the other night, I asked them what was their favorite part of the holidays. Runnin' Man, as usual, responded with being able to spend the holidays with his family. He says that he likes when we all get together.

Sir Talks-A-Lot agreed and added that he just wishes that his Grandma didn't live so far away and that she could come for Christmas. And of course, that he really misses his daddy.

They are really sweet kids.

Later that night, Miss Missy came to me and said, "Mommy? Do you know what my favorite part of the holidays is?"

At this point, I'm so filled with joy that all of my children are starting to understand the meaning of Christmas, that it's not about the "things" you get.

Me: "What's your favorite part of the holidays, Sweetie?"

Miss Missy: That Santa is gonna bring me lots of presents, Silly!


So what's your favorite part of the holidays?


Drama Queen said...

Too funny - I'm with Miss Missy.... !

No - actually, I had just said the other day it wasn't the presents, but the presence - of our families, of the holiday spirit, of our friends - I just love the presence!

Jay and Sherrie said...

Your kids are so amazing. Your whole family is. We miss you guys.

Ali said...

HaHa! I think my kids would have to agree with Miss Missy:)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Miss Missy is one honest girl!

The one thing I love about Christmas is spending time with the ones I love. I could eat a grilled cheese sandwich and be content and have no presents under the tree but the priceless time we spend together is immeasurable.

I know you will be okay because you've shown how tough you are. Start a tradition of sharing Christmas with your hubs when he returns...that way, he can still share in the kids excitement.

Most of all, enjoy the laughter of your kids. They are all so cute.