Thursday, December 31, 2009

This week's Catch up

Christmas has been wonderful! I really hate that the season is almost over because it's kinda like losing the season where people are happier, smile more and good spirited. It's back to business after the New Year. Well to me, it almost felt like it was back to business after the presents were opened!

The Christmas lights on my street were not on on December 26th. I guess folks are in a recession! LOL!


Okay, let's back track to Christmas Day.

The kids had a ball! They made out like Phat Kats and got plenty of loot! LOL! Santa was good to them, but family was better!

CJ's (Runnin' Man)one of those unfortunate kids that has a birthday right around Christmas. His birthday was yesterday, on the 30th. He hasn't gotten anything for his birthday yet because, well mom and dads funds were wiped out this Christmas. But it's PAYDAY and we have a bowling party planned for him on Sunday. All he really wanted was a bike. The thing is, he already has a perfectly good bike. He just doesn't like to ride it because he says Cam's (Sir-Talks-A-Lot) is bigger. They are both 20inch bikes. He's quite the shorty and is not yet ready for a 22inch yet. Well, I have tried to convince him to get something else and at this point he wants a Wii remote and Legos to substitute for the bike.

I guess this December birthday thing has ups and downs because everyone tries to give kill two birds with one stone and give him one of the Christmas presents he would have gotten anyway as a birthday present. On the other hand, he is on Christmas vacation on his birthday and is able to have a sleepover ANYTIME and have a birthday party to maybe get the gifts that Santa missed on Christmas!

What a deal!


Okay, the best part of Christmas is that my dad bought the kids Super Mario Bros. Wii! Okay, now, this game is just like the old-school Mario, only better. My brother was here and we played and got HOOKED! He didn't go home until we defeated Bowser. He ended up staying two extra nights just to do that! It was so much fun. I love taking over the Wii from the kids. Okay, all I need now is a Wii Fit and I'm sure to be in heaven!

Well, Happy New Year, Y'all! I'm gonna be brining in 2009 playing games with my kids and drinking sparkling grape juice. Hope all of y'all stay safe!


Jay and Sherrie said...

Yay! We love the new Mario.

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

African American Mom said...

You have got to try Super Mario vs Sonic Olympics. It goes hard!

Happy New Year!