Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Trees!

Okay, so it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my house. I feel like I have a leap on things. This is kinda early for me. I seem to remember my husband asking a time or two last year, "Umm, when are you gonna put up the tree?"

Okay, so this year I have not one, but TWO trees up.

I know it seems crazy and it's not about trying to flaunt my riches or anything. (ain't got none to flaunt) There is actually sentimental reasoning behind why we have two trees. There is one in out living room, of course. The main one. That room is on the back of the house. The second one is in my compute room/game room/exercise room place. There's a big arched window in there that faces the front of the house. The tree looks so nice there from the outside. But that wasn't the reason I put up a second one. The computer is in that room (as I have yet to get my own laptop, in case anyone is looking for that perfect Christmas slash birthday slash next Christmas gift for me) and so is the web cam. So with a deployed Husband, that was the perfect spot for the tree as we can open gift over Skype together.

I know! I know! Sniff Sniff, right? Yeah well, even I've been a little eyed this Christmas with the thought of him being gone for the holidays. Every time he's gone away before, he has always come home for Christmas. This will be our first year not all being together.
Soooooooo, there! Two trees. One for when the family arrives and one specifically for our family.

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