Thursday, March 25, 2010

Folks still Trippin' off Health Care Reform.

This is in response to some of the comments I got on this post.

I really fail to understand the problem. What part of this is so bad. EVERYONE WILL BE ABLE TO HAVE HEALTHCARE. Everyone. Everyone meaning not just those that can afford it. It won't be rationed out. If you have a problem, you can see a doctor.


Come on people! It just seems a little selfish that you can sit here and tell me that it's okay that people are turned away because they are too sick or too poor to be covered.

So No, I may not have family that are doctors or in the medical field, but I have plenty of family and friends that are on the other end.

The sick and the uninsured.

The ones that have insurance that is so frickin' expensive that they refuse to see a doctor unless a limb is about to fall off.

The ones that have to choose between the light bill and buying their medicine.

So forgive me if I don't feel sorry for the doctors when people's lives are at stake!

In the opposing people's defense, I do understand that people are afraid. This is a big change. People are afraid of change. I get that. But if you give it some time, it may surprise you. And I really mean that you have to give it some time. Nothing can happen over night. This bill is gonna take some time to make it's impact. Let it run it's course before you stand back and critisize.

I wish the GOP would stop and think about "the people" rather than the bottom line of the big insurance companies. Keep the rich richer. HMP! I feel it crazy all together. I'm okay with paying a little extra in taxes if that means that sick peoples' lives might be saved. The government would have stepped in if the insurance companies would not have gotten so outrageous.

So basically, you've been allowed to do it your way for many, many years. Now it's time for the government to step in and do it the RIGHT way!

Oh and let's not leave out how RIDICULOUS it is that republicans are sending DEATH THREATS? How grown up is that?


T.Allen-Mercado said...

It's all rather mind-bending to be quite honest. I guess I'm of the mind that my taxes already cover so much sh!t of which I am opposed that this is the least of my worries. I understand and appreciate the whole as being greater than the sum of its parts. That being said, how strong is a nation of ailing, dying and/or under-treated citizens?

Kristin said...

Here is what I worry about....I don't honestly think that the health care industry is going to lose money on this deal. They are going to raise premiums.

And because my family owns its own business, we pay $1000/mo for health insurance with a $1000 deductible, meaning we already don't see any benefits from paying that, but are forced to because we aren't poor and can't take the risk of not having insurance. So, I expect our $1000 plan to probably go up and still not cover anything! Most people don't realize that whatever you pay for your plan, your employer has to match, so it could put tons of small businesses out of business.

I'm no expert, but a trillion dollar pricetag on this, or whatever it was, is going to have to be paid for too and that is why none of the benefits that actually cost them anything are taking effect until after Obama runs for his 2nd term.

With all that being said, even if I do end up paying $1500/mo for my crappy healthcare plan, I have no right to complain when there are starving orphans in Africa and entire villages being raised by 5 year olds, children with no shoes, or food......yes, I am blessed beyond belief!!

Makes me think about what could actually be solved if that money were put to better use. Probably all the major world crises!!

Now don't be mad at me :D I still love you, even though I don't like Obamacare.