Monday, March 22, 2010

A Great Day!

It's a great day in American History right now. I know that some of you may not wanna hear it, but I'm sorry! I'm excited and absolutely proud right now. I haven't been this excited about anything in the news since... Obama was elected President. And here we are today, yet again, with something great coming out of the White House.

Healthcare Reform.

Working our way towards a better day for the people.
NOT the big bad overpaid insurance companies.
NOT the doctors that are working more for the insurance companies and less for the well being of the patients.

We are steps away from easing the pain of the outrageous prices, ridiculous premiums and crazy co-pays that people are being forced to pay. Why does it seem that something as big of a necessity to human beings as water can be so far fetched to the average Joe the Plumber?

Not anymore. Someone saw that there was a need for change.

Someone decided that it was time to fight and take a stand against these bullies.

Someone did something about it.

I especially commend all of those that went out on a limb, knowing that the future of their jobs might be at stake just for choosing the people, and voted with Obama to rid Americans of this crisis. I'm so glad that these people followed their hearts.

And for YOU that called your congressmen and representatives, shared your stories and never gave up, YOU are the reason that this was able to come to light.

I know that change can be scary. But I'm hoping that when all the dust settles, those that were so against it are able to take a step back and realize that it is something that was needed for mankind. Everyone deserves to be able to afford their health care.



Gucci Mama said...

It's hard for me to see how this was really "for the people" since the vast majority of Americans opposed the bill. I think that will become even more clear during midterm elections when the incumbents who railroaded it through (against the wishes of a super majority of their constituents in most states) are voted right out of office. Sorry, but the only thing I'm celebrating today is that this move virtually guarantees that Obama is a one term president. Americans are not interested in a government takeover of not only our personal choices with regard to our health, but an entire ONE SIXTH of our economy. Just saying.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

I can honestly say that your ONE SIXTH numbers have to be wrong. You do realized that when Obama ran AND WON the election, he ran mostly on the basis of coming in and changing the healthcare system and yet, he was elected PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Why? Because MORE THAN ONE PERCENT of the economy voted for him. More than one percent saw that there is a need for change and that it is time to take down the blood-suckers that are making it virtually impossible to every American to have the basic right of being taken care of when they are sick.

A vast majority of "Americans" do not oppose the bill. A vast majority of the politicians might. See, the thing is, many Americans may not get out to vote when it comes time for the representatives to be put in office and that may make it seem like "most people" opposed healthcare simply because the representatives do. But the proof is in the pudding when "AMERICANS" took it upon themselves to get on the phones and let the politicians in charge know what they really wanted. It is not a fluke that this passed. In the end, the representatives that voted in favor of the reform, did so because they can clearly see that THE PEOPLE wanted it.

Gucci Mama said...

1/6 of the economy meaning dollars, not people. But still, polls have consistently shown that the people didn't want this. And, since it's unconstitutional, attorney generals from over ten states are preparing to sue. I think there's little danger of it actually being enacted. And with that? I go back to mommy blogging because though I have a degree in political science, I don't "do" politics anymore because it's so divisive. And I really like you so I don't want to be divided. ;) Thanks for your response, though. I appreciate your opinion and how nice you are in expressing it. ;)

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

LOL! Hope You still come back. It's always funny to me how every time I start expressing my political views, I seem to lose a reader or two. LOL! But I love the great debate and really appreciate other's point of view on such issues even when they are so different from my own.

CJ said...

You actually gained a reader , me! I am a reader of Gucci Mama. It was nice to hear your views! Come check out my blog sometime!

Drama Queen said...

Kudos to you for posting this - I happen to 100% agree with you!

I think people assume that the majority of Americans are against this - because the people that are for it haven't been as vocal about their support as the people who were against it. (Does that make sense?)

I am in support of it, but I wasn't marching on Washington or going to "tea parties" or shouting and spitting on my Congressman.

It's a great day. :)

Rachel said...

I'm glad that we're making a step toward health-care reform. I just hope it keeps going forward and doesn't become bogged down in partisan politics. It will be a few years before everything is implemented -- I hope all of the details are ironed out and will be really helpful for the masses.

And, I hope in the waiting time, that everything can really, REALLY be explained. There are so many different stories, suppositions, myths -- it's hard to separate it all out and know what is really going to happen (in the long run).

LOL, I have a feeling my comments don't make much sense. . . I'm still trying to sort all of this Healthcare stuff out.

(p.s. I've moved to Wordpress! Following In My Shoes)

La Pixie said...

well, at least someone that I know is happy about this. everyone else that Ive spoken to is hopping mad. and I seriously mean every single person that I have talked to, including the liberal folks that I know.
we want reform, heck ya!! we do not want this bill. how can you be excited about a bill that is stuffed with pork? how can you be excited about a middle of the night vote? how can you be excited about a bill that no one has read? especially you, seeing as you have children. thankfully, I dont, or I would probably be even MORE angry.

I would like to ask, and I mean this very respectfully, if anyone in your close circle is in the medical community. I ask because those in my family that are, are completely disgusted with this. my uncle is a doctor, and he refuses to take AHHCCCS patients (government healthcare for people below the poverty line in AZ) because every time he ordered a test or Xray or something for an AHHCCCS patient, the accounting dept would call him and tell him that he couldnt have them because the patient was hitting the max. my uncle was like, "hello, Im a doctor! I have seen the patient. this is MY patient and I know whats best" and he didnt like some paper pusher telling him how to treat his patients, so he ended up refusing AHHCCCS patients. this is what I envision when I hear "government healthcare" and then I go to the post office and see how the government has run that into the ground, and I think "do people know what they will be getting with universal healthcare?" I want as little government in my life and my business as possible. Uncle Sam doesnt need to know about my PAP Smears, thankyouverymuch.

this is a sad day for America. I pray for Obama, but I think he is beyond help, the poor guy.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Whoa Nelly. This is precisely why I don't discuss least until this universal healthcare kicks all the way in and I can afford my shrink and psychotropics! Woot!