Friday, March 26, 2010

Marco.... POLO!!!

So the kids are playing hide-and-seek in the house. This is perfectly fine with me because while the 2 of them are playing, it's pretty quiet. Apparently the boys are unable to find Miss Missy who has been in hiding for at least 5 minutes. You'd think the house was a mansion!

So after searching for her for quite a while to no avail, running in and out of each room, searching under every bed. Cam calls out, "Miss Missy, do you think we need to have a base?"

I start laughing at how unfair it was, the trickery he played on my naive 5 year old.

I hear here little muffled voice call out from her room, "Yes!" And I erode into laughter!

That was just wrong!


Kristin said...

Haha!! Everytime Lily plays, she'll shout out, "I'm in here, girls!" LOL!!

Drama Queen said...

Too funny!

Check out my blog today - I have an Easter Basket for you there! :)