Monday, March 15, 2010

Sports Sport and More Sports

The spring is kicking in and with every blooming tree I get more and more excited. It's my favorite time of year. Living in the south where the summers are blazing make spring the most enjoyable time to be outside. The bad thing is it only last a few weeks before the dreadful Georgia comes in and takes over.

You know, I've been MIA for a while and I haven't had the chance to acknowledge that CJ's basketball team took it all the way and won the championship this year for the 10 year old division. Whoo Hooo!

I'm so proud of him. The parents chipped in to buy them some respectable trophies because the one that they got from the county SUCKED and were pretty much plain ol' trophies and not fit for a winning team.


So the season is over and for now, I'm on a break from the practices and games. That is until spring football and cheer leading kicks in. I'm excited because this will be Miss Missy's first year doing anything and although she wanted to to ballet, I decided to wait until the start of the school year to get her in. She might actually enjoy cheering since she was the cheer leaders mascot when the boys were playing football, brining her own little pom poms and cheering along on the side.

And Cam's gonna play football. I was sure he was gonna choose to go with baseball when he found out that they were only offering FLAG, but the boy actually chose to play football. My dad seems to think that he is gonna be the one that turns out to be the serious athlete. I can't see it because he is so uncoordinated right now, but Michael Jordon was certainly not the star basketball player in his younger days, so you never know!


Amy McMean said...

Cool trophies.

I'm looking forward to summer, come on warm weather!!! But I don't have the horrible hot summers like you, so of course I'm looking forward to it.

Kristin said...

That's awesome to win the championship! I bet Miss Missy will love cheerleading too :)