Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Diva's Birthday!

It was my birthday and I turned a WHOPPING 31! Wow! I really never thought I'd be admitting that any time soon. I mean, mom my is only 35 (that's her story and she's sticking to it!) Her birthday card to me said "You better slow down because you're catching up with me!" LOL! Yeah, she's a bit delusional sometimes. But either way, how could I possible be a day ever 25?

Now my birthday started pretty much like any other day. Me and Miss Missy hangin' out. Then I got an email from Hubs that said, "Dinner @ 6. Try to get a sitter."

Cool, I thought. A dinner without the kids? That's a rare treat! So I jumped on that!

My next thought was that I didn't have anything to wear. The jeans I'd bought last week were a bit snug. I was gonna keep em because I'm working out and I'M DRINKING MILK AND ONE DAY I'M GOING TO BE BIG AND STRONG! or at least I'm going to drop a pants size. But I had to take them back and quickly get something I could wear.

So I found another pair of jeans (a size bigger than what I THOUGHT I needed) and cute little not-so-mommy-looking top and I went home to get my hair straight enough to get rid of the bun I had it pulled back in.

Now, hubs and I don't usually do the whole surprise thing so I wasn't expecting anything because he hadn't asked me what I wanted for my birthday. But when he got home, to my surprise, he had a burgundy gift bag on the kitchen counter from Helzberg Diamonds waiting on me. WOW! I get a present and a dinner? And there was not one, but two boxes in side!

I want to take a moment to give him a major thank you because I've been a bit of a b***h and he's still here for me. WOW!

So he takes me out to this very nice restaurant, with table cloths and all! LOL. Table cloths that they changed after every customer, and not just when they looked dirty. The meals didn't come in paper bags either and you didn't have to order by numbers. And guess what! There was NO KID'S MENU! I could have feel on the floor and fainted!

No, but really, I was impressed. This was a place we'd usually choose to go on our anniversary, not just for my birthday. So I felt special.

Hubs had it going on yesterday. It was a day truly made for a DIVA!


Kristin said...

Happy Birthday!
I'm glad you had a good time.
Don't you just love it when your hubby does nice things like that? What beautiful jewelry!

I'm going to be 33 this year, so don't feel so bad! LOL

Mary Moore said...

Happy Birthday To Yooouuuu!!!

And you deserve the earrings and the restaurant, regardless of being b*tchy. Didn't he deserve the b*tchiness, maybe even just a bit? :o)

Ali said...

Happy Birthday! There's restaurants that don't have kids menus?! You mean those actually exist?!

Melissa said...

HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY Birthday... I am soooo glad that he "knew" to treat you like the true Diva that you are!!! he-he :)!! I'm glad you had a great day!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm glad that you have a husband that recognizes the value that your bring to his life and to the your family. I say that you make a date at least once a month and do this. You both deserve it.

Loved the jewelry too! What a sweet guy!

Dysd Housewife said...


OHmommy said...

Happy birthday DIVA!!! We are the same age. ;)

Jenni Jiggety said...

Nice gifties!!! I am glad you had a good day!

DocElectron said...

Your prezzies are gorgeous! You have good taste (as does your hubs!). Happy birthday again!