Friday, January 9, 2009

Tell It Like It TIZ Tuesday... On Friday!

Okay I know it's not Tuesday but I have to tell it like it T-I-Z today!

I simply have to voice my opinion TODAY on account of the horrible event that occurred on New Year's Day involving a young black man that lost his life due to another account of police brutality.

Apparently, 23 year old Oscar Grant and some friends were being arrested by police. What for? I don't know but that has little to do with the outcome of the situation at hand. During their arrest, 3 or 4 people on a transit train thankfully took out their camera phones to record the situation that happened next.

Grant was handcuffed, face down with another cop's knee in the back of his neck. He did NOT appear to be struggling when officer took out his gun, took a step back and delivered a fatal shot to this young father.

I mean, REALLY? Are you kidding me? Okay, I don't look at this as a racial issue. I try not to look at it as just another case of a police officer abusing his power. This was murder. Cold blooded. What else can you call it? Self defense? Uhh NO! This asshole blatantly killed a man for no real reason, leaving his family to mourn.

It is plain dreadful to hear of situations like this from the men and women that are put on the streets to protect people. They ones who are ALLOWED to carry guns. And some abuse that priveldge. I mean, what the HECK was going through this jerk's mind when he commited such a heinous crime? Was he thinking that he would rid the streets of another "criminal"? Or maybe another "black man"?

Now his family is seeking $25 Million for wrongful death and in my opinion they should get every penny. A small amount to pay for taking away so much from so many people. A small number when you look at it on what that life was really worth.

And as for Mr. Trigger Happy Sorry Excuse For A Police Officer, he needs to spend the rest of his life behind bars to think about what it really means to Serve and Protect!

I'm raising boys. Two of them. I'm raising them to be respectable, courteous, smart. I'm teaching them to know the difference between right wrong and to have the courage to stand up to what's right. I'm teaching them that it's okay to be black, yet that they shouldn't see color or base their abilities off of the color of their skin. And though I plan to instill all of this in them until they can walk on their own, I still dread that their may very well be a day that they have a bad experience with a police officer. I can only pray that if they do, that officer is a better man than the one that murdered Oscar Grant.

We are losing too many people at the hands of the law because of the abuse of power. At a time when we are in a war of the worlds, a time when soldiers are fighting to keep us free, it's terrible that we have to fight just to walk our own streets.


Jenni Jiggety said...

Wow...I didn't hear about that! How AWFUL!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is terrible! He shot him when he face down and handcuffed? How awful!

Paige said...

That is obscene- I had not heard about it

And you are absolutely right, it does not matter what was going on--there was no excuse for that.

There is a fine line between cops and criminals these days, and the uniform is not the clue to which side they are on.

April said...

I read about it just 2 days ago. It is so horrible. The riots are horrible too. I never understood tearing up innocent peoples property to prove a point to someone else. I pray the guy that did this horrible thing will pay for a long long time.

PinkMama said...

We live where it happened and its just horrible. Watching the video is so hard because I can't believe an officer could be so heartless. I'm happy that witness stepped up and let the PD know what happened. Usually witness don't say a word around here. Also relived that trigger happy Bart cop is behind jail now! Love your blog because I can relate a lot!