Monday, January 19, 2009

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday: A New President

An amazing day has come. I'm still in disbelief as the time approaches for America's first African American to take her reigns. I, for one, didn't think I would see this day and although Obama had my full support during the campaigns, I still never thought he'd come out on top. I just didn't see America letting it happen. Thank God I was wrong.

But that day has come and I couldn't be more proud. I mean you should see me. I've got butterflies. I'm shaky. I'm anxious.

I'm proud today because someone that I believe in is taking over the White House. I haven't been proud of that fact since Clinton took office, as I knew Bush was ready for war and that scared the mess out of me. But Obama is someone that I trust to do what is right by us, someone who is focused on making the economy better and someone who wants to bring our troops home. And that is where is steals my heart.

Though I'm no idiot to think that CHANGE is going to come in one day, I do believe that this is the beginning of something better for all Americans. He has given me hope that there will be a better tomorrow for the American people if WE make it better, if WE make the changes, if we build ourselves back up.

Yesterday, Obama used Dr. King's birthday to let us know how important is it that we help those in need, that we support our communities. I pray that every American takes the time to listen and take heed. He cannot CHANGE America on his own. No man can. It is going to take the efforts of every individual to rebuild this country.

So as I watch the inauguration today, I'll be saying a prayer for Obama and his family. I'll pray that God gives him the wisdom and strength to lead our country to a better tomorrow. But I'll also be praying that each and every one of us becomes a better person and digs deep within ourselves to support our communities and offer help where it is needed. This, I believe is what Dr. King and Barack Obama have stood for!

Those are my feelings. What are yours?


Melissa said...

GREAT post.... and I hope you don't mind, but I did a "tell it like it tiz" on my blog too....but I linked back to your blog!!

Jenni Jiggety said...

It was amazing to see, wasn't it??? We watched it at school and even the kids knew it was BIG although I don't think they fully understood why...

egiffing said...

It was a great day. I even cried I will always remember that day. The nice thing is my little baby girl now just gets all excited every time she sees our President on TV or in the Paper and says look Mom its our President Obama, not having any idea what is so special about our Pres. He is just the Pres to her. It gives me a good feeling to know my kids are going to grow up in a very different generation then I did. You see the President isn't the first Black President to her he is just the President and to me that is very promising for her future.
It brings me back to the stories my Grandma would tell me about how when she was young Single Mother trying to make a living for her and her kids in Los Angles how many restrictions she had, she was only allowed to live on the East side of the what they called the River and if she went over to the other side she had to have working papers even if she was born in the US so she wouldn’t get deported to Mexico, plus she wasn’t even able to take public transportation because she was Hispanic. It is just nice to first hand see how far our country has come, plus it gives me high hopes for when my children grow up. GOD BLESS AMERICA.