Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Sleepover

Well, Good Morning to all of my Fabulous Blog Friends. I'm in a pretty good mood today and I have decided that I'm not leaving the house. I've been planning to get my butt in my treadmill all morning, but you guys are a huge distraction! I love blogging more than I love working out! So, I figure as soon as I finish messing around and reading all the great post you guys have written, I simply HAVE TO get on the ball. I mean, there is no way I can say good-bye to these thighs if I don't get up and make it happen, right?

Okay, so this weekend has been really busy. Runnin' Man had a sleepover Saturday. It was the party I had promised him for his birthday. YES, his birthday was 2 weeks ago, but as you know, we were out of town last weekend when I would have normally celebrated his day.

I had 9 boys in my house including my own. I personally didn't get to sleep until about 4am and I have no idea when or if the boys went to sleep because when I woke up at 9:30, Runnin' Man and a another kids was up playing the Wii!

Needless to say I am extremely tired and it wouldn't surprise me if I get a call from the boys' teachers saying that they fell asleep in class.

I did learn something about sleepovers this weekend. My sons have friends that are a variety of ages. Some of their friends have brothers that a little older and they have played together for years. Well my boys are 6 and 9, I think, and because of this I ended up with 3 boys that are 11 and 12. I found that the two age groups do not mesh well when the older boys took over the Wii and considered the rest of the kids "the little kids". When you look at it, what was I thinking??? Middle schoolers and elementary kids don't even have the same interests. The older ones were talking about things that my younger ones were not ready to hear about, LIKE GIRLS! OMG! I'm not ready for that and I want to keep them from liking girls as longs as possible. Runnin' Man isn't even interested in the opposite sex yet unless they are holding a football!

So lesson learned. It is okay that the boys play with these kids when they are playing outside, but I won't do the whole sleepover thing with such a wide variety of ages. They just didn't get along well.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Yes, the two years between 9-11 are huge. For girls, some of my daughter's friends are menstruating and wearing bras at age 11. This makes sleepovers different, to say the very least. Well lesson learned, evening survived-on to those thighs!

Have a great week!

Diva Ma said...

LOL! I reall really REALLY hate to think about when my little girl gets to be a BIG girl!

Jenni Jiggety said...

You are GOOD. I seriously don't know if I can handle a sleepover.

Unless I can yell "Go to sleep already dammit!" at kids that aren't which case I'd be good. :-X

NicoMc "the Illustrator" said...

You are a true diva. And a brave one, too. Sleepovers are crucial.