Thursday, January 8, 2009

Merry New Year! Late as always!

Okay so YES this is absolutely and completely ever so late and so uncharacteristic of me (HEE HEE) but here are the pics I took on Christmas.

******YES I GOT A CAMERA! My very thoughtful and wonderful husband heard my cries. I couldn't have happily made it through Christmas morning without one and he made sure that I was the first to open my present! ********

Whoo Hoo! Kudos for HUBS!

Okay so here we go:

Can we open them NOW???
(while I get my NEW camera ready...)
Their Exact words? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Remote control planes that got stuck on the roof within 10 minutes.

What was number one on their list?
MP3 Players!!!!!

Littlest Petshop of course!

Me and the Princess

She LOVES pink!


ParentingPink said...

Great pics & kudos to your hubby for getting you a new camera!

My hubby would love your boys remote controlled plane - he's been asking for one for years (yes, he's a kid at heart!). And my daughters also got some Littlest Pet Shop stuff - love those things!

Glad you had a wonderful holiday!

Kristin said...

I got a new camera too for husband was tired of hearing me complain about my old one! LOL Your little girl is so beautiful! Sounds like they had a good Christmas.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Lucky you - a new camera! The kids look so happy, what a wonderful Christmas celebration!