Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GA testing has begun

It is the very first day of CRCT'sat my kids' school. You know, those dreaded tests that take 3 days to a week depending on your grade level to finish?

Well, I have pretty good kids and they seemed to have it all together. They weren't in the least bit nervous and they seemed very prepared for what they think is to come.

Amazingly enough, both boys looked forward to studying this weekend. Runnin' Man asked his teacher for extra work for studying. Although he only did 2 or 3 worksheets, before realizing it was a beautiful day and he better take advantage of it, I was still proud of him for his efforts. He is learning the importance of studying, although academics seem to come pretty natural to him. He is required to pass the reading portion this year.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot's teacher stressed to the kids that there was nothing to worry about. The kids in her class seemed stress free and ready.
Sir-Talks-A-Lot let me know that there is no reason to be worried about this test. He said he is going to pass because he knows all that stuff.

It is most of the parents that make a big deal over it. It's the parents that stress and make the kids worry. Me, I haven't made them do anything different in preparation of the CRCT. They are smart kids and I trust that their teacher have taught them well. On the inside, I'm a little worried, but they'll never know that!

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