Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I've got that TOUCH!

You know, sometimes it takes a while to discover that you have something great right at the tips of your fingers.

Okay, normally I'm not much of a gadget-girl. Not really into having the latest of this, that and the other. Never really understood why people spend so much money on a Blackberry or an iPhone when they can wait until they get home to get updated on the Internet happenings.

I stick with my cellphone until it falls apart (or in the toilet, whichever comes first).

I don't have one of those great looking sets of washing machines because my ten year old set seems to just keep kickin'.

And if it hadn't been for Hubs wanting an HDTV, I would be just fine with the old 32" tube without HD and a picture that now seems fuzzy to me.

Things like that really aren't a big deal to me.... until I have them.

Back in February on Valentines Day, (what is that? Two months ago?) I bought Hubs an iPod Touch. Now, I have the old Nano, which I acquired from my father, who luckily for me, likes to give me things that he doesn't use much. Well, for Christmas, the boys got some MP3 players, too. Everyone else, except the 4yr old, had an MP3 player, so I figured Hubs would like to have one of his own. He almost never treats himself to anything, especially if it is expensive. So I figure it would be the perfect gift.

Well, other than playing with it for a little while, adding a few songs on it, and checking the weather every now and then, he seems to barely use it.

Well, I decided to give the thing a whirl. I found that as long as you have wireless, you can surf the web like a normal computer, pretty much. That's pretty much like having heaven at your finger tips, right? I mean, really! I have a desktop, not a laptop, so to check email, Facebook, Twitter, and my blog regularly, I can almost never leave my computer room/Wii room/TV room/workout room. Yes, that is one room!

But for the last week, I have found it so much more simple to use the Touch to check in, rather than sitting and waiting for my dinosaur to load every page. NOW I GET IT! Now I get why people pay so much to have Internet at their finger tips!

Though I can't blog as much because I just can't get past not using a conventional keyboard as the words are flowing from my mind, it is so much easier to check in on those things that are important online, all while cooking dinner, folding laundry or having a conversation with Hubs, who, by the way has recently threatened a divorce. It's either him or the Internet.

Shhhh! Luckily the Touch is small enough to hide when he walks into the room!