Saturday, April 4, 2009

9 days gone, 9 days of catch up.

Well, today marks, I think, the 9th day since my last post and I'm pretty sure I just set a personal record. I wanted to leave the last post about Stellan up for a week in honor of him and the prayers that he has needed on his journey to recovery.

It was pretty easy to do just that as this week has been a hectic one. Stay-at-Home Mom my patootie! I pretty sure there has not been a day, other than today that I have actually stayed at home. This is the norm for me though.

AHHH the life of a Stay-at-Home Mom! Last Saturday, we took the kids to the circus. Not only was it their first time, but it was also Hub's first circus, and it melted my heart to hear him laughing and see him smiling and enjoying it right along with the kids. Miss Missy's favorite part was the elephants, which she had been looking forward to all week. I SOOOOOO regretted telling her that we were going 5 days before the actual event, as I NEVER stopped hearing "Are we going to the circus TODAAAAAY????" What was I THINKING?????

Monday was the Pre-K lottery. Now for those of you who are not familiar with this wretched and nerve-wrecking event, it kinda goes like this. 81 students. 20 slots. Pray.

Yeah, well you'd think that since I put in 40 hours a week, (volunteer time, mind you) at that *@#&* school, I'd either automatically have a Pre-K spot waiting or get to put our name in the box a few extra times to give me an extra chance or two or three.

Uhhhhh NO! Something about guidelines and trying to be fair and getting fired........ excuses! excuses!

So, NO we didn't get picked and YES I was pretty darn bitter by this as I had already imagined the idea that I was gonna be putting three kids on the bus in the morning and GETTING BACK IN THE BED!

So instead, I'll be placing her in a daycare facility that offers the lottery funded Pre-K, getting up every morning, getting dressed, combing my hair and getting cute (cause you know this sista ain't the one to be going no where in her PJ's) and driving Miss Daisy to school. fun.

Thursday we found a Pre-K and I like it. She wanted to attend the first one we looked at simply because the building is trimmed in pink. Go figure!

Friday, I attended and spoke at a tree dedication ceremony in honor of one of our school's custodians who passed last month. I'd spent the week searching for a Japanese Maple and a bench to put by the school in her honor and I must say, I'm very happy with my choices. The tree is a Peaches and Cream Japanese Maple, very unique and VERY pretty. I found it at the little shop called Greenbriar Nursery and I have to say, as did everyone who saw it, it is beautiful. A very unique tree.

Oh, A almost forgot to mention that in the afternoon, I went BACK to the school as I finished my grocery shopping, and walked the in Mini Relay for Life with my kids. Miss Missy walked too. I walked in honor of MY cancer-survivor, my dad. Read his story HERE.

Saturday, which is today............... well just look at the pictures. They pretty much speak for themselves.

Spring Cleaning. Just the kids' rooms. ALLLLLLLLL this stuff was pulled out of 2 rooms. The boys had SO much stuff in their rooms that needed to be trashed. So, needless to say, they spent another Saturday being SLAVES. Hey, they have spring break next week, so don't start trippin! They have a WHOLE week to enjoy the Georgia Sunshine!

I went through their clothes and found so much that they couldn't wear or that was just way too old to pass on. I went through Miss Missy's closet and came up with plenty of things that are now ready for Kid to Kid, my favorite little consignment shop.

Spring Break is next week, and I have never been anxious for it to arrive. Matter of fact, I always that WHO NEEDS A SPRING BREAK?? The kids are at home and I've never looked forward to that glorious QT before. Now I look forward to being able to sleep in for a week and not have to get up and get out the house for anyone except me. WONDERFUL! My kids usually sleep in until 10 or so, so I am BLESSED!


Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Wow I'm exhausted from just readding about your busy week. That pre-K lottery sounds like a crap shot. I want to see the elephants! cool pictures

HeatherY said...

You have been one busy momma! Sorry about the lottery but glad you found a pre-k program you like. I love the last pic of all the kids! They are adorable!

African American Mom said...

I love that little cleaning cart! It is totally cracking me up!