Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring break is over dag nab it!

Day two of the week after spring break.

Already I have been nominated to do PTO VP all over again and been asked to bake. BAKE? I don't remember signing up for that committee!

It's for the soldiers who helped our school during spring carnival, so it's for a good cause. And when it comes to thanking the soldiers, I'm all for it. Not only are they protecting our lives and our freedom, but they are also a huge part of our every day community, and for that, I'll do what I can to thank them!

But I guess the old saying, "No Rest For The Weary" rings true! You must keep persevering no matter how tired or overworked you are, in the eyes for this PTO demons (not me, them!)

There was a time when I never thought I'd say this, but Thank Goodness for Spring Break!


I'm just the MOM said...

PTO VP huh? I have to say better you than me...LMAO! Where I'm at, we're on day 6 of spring break. Right smack in the middle of it! Good luck on the baking!

Diva Ma said...

Yeah, it seemed crazy at first, but I have to say, it grew on me and because I don't work outside the home it gives me the chance to help in a place that is really important to me. My children's education. Plus I get to be there to check in on them. I think they are better kids because of that!