Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Prep

One day left until Miss Missy's birthday!

My baby is turning 5.

It's a little bittersweet because she's growing up so fast.

I ask her everyday who told her she can grow so much? Why are her legs getting so long? Are her clothes shrinking? Is she going to grow too big to be my baby?

She says that she will always be my baby and that she will never leave me.

These are wonderful words coming from such a little angel. I better cherish them because teen years are not far off!


Her Pre-K field trip to the pumpkin patch was cancelled today. I was looking forward to it probably as much as she was. I've never been to the pumpkin patch and since I love the fall colors, I was looking forward to snapping some pictures.



So, in preparation of Miss Missy's 5th, I have to go order some cup cakes for her class tomorrow. Pink and white... and purple per her request. She also wants a tiara and a wand, but I don't know if that's gonna happen.

Did I mention that she plans on wearing her Snow White dress to school tomorrow? Did I mention that she takes the "princess" thing seriously? She's expecting a crown to wear with it and some dressy red or black shoes. Hmm. I know it's her birthday, it's her special day, but how are the teachers gonna feel about her being dressed in costume all day? It's sure to make some too cute pictures, though!


This year, I 'm not going all out and planning a party for her at home, although I have tons of wonderful ideas. Last year, she had a tea party. I loved doing that party. I was all girlie and frilly and just too cute!

This year, we're holding off until the last weekend of the month, Halloween, to have her party, with very good reason.

This year, it's Chuck E Cheese, also per her request.

But that's not the reason I agreed. As much as I love the creativity of an at-home party, and as much as I DESPISE the CEC place with all of it's germs and rude kids stepping on your toes and sneezing all over the salad bar, I'm having a pre-planned party simply because I don't want to have all the extra work of preparation and cleaning on my hands. You see, I really won't have time to do all of that because I'm trying to spend my time with a very special person during that time.

HUBS IS COMING HOME! Yep, around the 24th we will be expecting our soldier to be home for R&R, his two week visit from Iraq, his mid tour. (Mid-tour, my tail! He just left at the end of August and here they are sending people home ALREADY? What in the world? THEY JUST LEFT!!! I certainly would have preferred a return for Christmas, or my birthday in January, or even Valentine's Day, but now, once her returns, He'll be there for 9.5 months. 9.5 months without seeing his family again. Terrible!) The kids don't know yet, so this will be a complete surprise to them as they are expecting his visit in January. I'm so excited for them!

So, during that time, I'm sure that you can understand why I don't want to be tied down with the planning of a creative, spectacular home party. I have better things to do with my time ;-)


Jessica said...

Man.. talk about having mixed feelings. I didn't know that midtour could mean a month after they leave. I foolishly thought that really meant half way through. Regardless of that, I know you are beyond excited to see that husband of yours. I can't wait to hear how the kids react!

Flores Hayes said...

Happy Birthday!!!
Flor (

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That just doesn't seem right to have him home for a short time and then back for a much longer period...but the great thing is that you will be able to see him.

Miss Missy is going to have great birthday at CEC because what kid doesn't like CEC?

Amy McMean said...

ahhh CEC is a nightmare at least the ones near me. All summer every week there were stories on the news about adults fighting at CEC, what the heck. It's a kids place.