Monday, October 12, 2009

I saved a kid's life... maybe.

I've been walking in the mornings for about 4 weeks now. Me and my neighbor, who has been a great motivation and who is moving in a few weeks, have been doing a two mile walk. Yes, it is a walk, and yes it is at times a slow leisurely stroll after concuring the first mile, but it is exercise non-the-less. It is a step up from my zero exercise days. Okay, so it's not every morning, but it again it's better than sitting in front of the computer blogging every morning.

And we're both pushing strollers. That's a huge help. She has 3 little ones (and two in school) that are along for the ride so she pushes the double stroller and I push the single.

Well, it's funny how things happen because when we were just about to get our walk on, a neighbor stopped by to "check on me" as we hadn't talked since Hubs left and she wanted to make sure I was maintaining my sanity. (What little I do have)

So while I was talking to my visitor, my walking partner pushed the two youngest toward my house while the older Power Ranger pushed the empty single stroller. When we were ready to get on our way. Big Power Ranger was told that he needed to sit in the stroller so that mom could get exercise rather than waiting on him to explore and slow down our pace.

When he pushed the stroller back to me, I saw something black in the seat. After taking a closer look, I saw that it was a spider. And not just ANY spider. It was a Black Widow. It was HUGE! It has made a web in the seat and was just waiting for a bite!

Okay, now I'm not telling you all this so that I can prance around proudly in my Super Mom cape, although I'd love to do that. I'm sharing this because I know that many of us prop our kids in their strollers and car seats with checking them first. MOST of us do. I mean, who woulda though that a poisonous spider would set up shop where it did. The bite from that size spider could have certainly killed the 2 year old that usually jumps right into that seat on our walks. I just thank God that I saw it before either child sat down. I'm thankful that the Check on Me Lady came by when she did because things may have played out differently.

So I just want to raise awareness in you guys that a quick check of the things that your children use, especially if you store them in a garage can save your child's life. Take just a few seconds to just look because you really never know where something harmful might hide.


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness! I am so terrified of spiders. I'm so glad you saw it. Amazing how God will weave together all those little details just to make sure you saw that spider. You're a hero in my book!! :)

Jay and Sherrie said...

Thank you! You are awesome and I think you should definitely wear a Super Mom cape!

silverhartgirl said...

Oh my I am so glad you saw that!
You were a super hero.