Sunday, October 4, 2009

Think God will understand that I'm tired?

It's been a busy busy weekend. I hope this is the last one of it's kind. It started Friday night with our school's first chili cook off.

Okay, that wasn't my chili display, but it made for a great photo op. That was the "Best Presatation" Winner.... and Runnin' Man.

It turned out to be a lot of fun with a lot of participation for a Friday night considering many people have other events to attend. There were at least 25 participants, lots of teacher volunteers, and live entertainment from one of the teacher's husband.

This teacher won Best Overall. Hmm, I didn't agree, but what do I know!

There were many compliments on what a great idea it was. Not to toot my own horn, but it was my idea. Now, I have to admit, with my recent encounter with the PTO Prez, I didn't put much input into the whole planning of it. I became a rebellious teenager and let Mrs. Do-It-All, well, do it all! I stepped back, as I wasn't feeling appreciated for what I have done and I let her handle it. Hopefully it stressed her out a little... Okay, hopefully it stressed her out A LOT! LOL!

The principal, who was one of the judges, stopped to let me know that the cook-off was a WONDERFUL idea and that we should do it every year (yea me!) and she also, yet again, let me know how much she and the staff loved the school shirts this year (my idea as well. I'll have to check my archives to see if I've told the story behind that yet). So I feel accomplished with PTO right now, even though I have taken it easy this year.

While I was at the cook-off, I only had Runnin' Man with me as Miss Missy was visiting a friend in order to stay out of my hair while I worked and Sir-Talks-A-Lot was attending a birthday party.

So after the cook-off, it was off to pick up Miss Missy and then off to pick up Sir-Talks-A-Lot about 20 minutes away.

The party was all STAR WARS and Sir-Talks-A-Lot had a ball. I was the last one picking up because of the cook-off, but when I got there he was not ready to go.

Have you ever gotten a compliment about your kid that made you just know that you had to be doing something right?

The party was for one of the school's coach's son. (is that grammatically correct?). He said to me that Sir-Talks-A-Lot was the most well mannered kid that he has ever taught in his, I think, 8 years of teaching. And he said it with a straight face! He even repeated it. It blew me away! I mean you always try to teach your kids to me good and well mannered and respectful. I don't know about you guys, but I put the fear of God in my children if they go somewhere and are not good. But honestly, I wasn't ever really sure how well they take head to what I say. I mean, they're not that great for me. Manners seem to get lost a lot in the house.

Just hearing that makes me know that I am doing something right with that boy... and the other two. That's probably the best thing I've heard in a very long time!

So the rest of the weekend was a blur. When we got home, the boys had a sleepover for Runnin' Man's best friend that, even though he was being punished for a bad grade on a test, I let them go....2 hours late.

They came home from the sleepover about 8 the next morning and it was a mad dash to get ready for Sir-Talks-A-Lot's football practice at 9am and Runnin'Man's football game at 10.

They tied 7-7, ONLY because they gave up not one but TWO touchdowns with penalties!

From there is was off to finish up the day with an FRG fundraiser at an all day boyscout event.

I'm tired all over again just writing about it!

I know I'm wrong for this excuse, but this is the reason I have been skipping out on church since Hubs has been gone. Sunday is the only day where I can rest. I know it's bad to give time to everything else all week and choose to put the Lord on the back burner, but I pray that he understands. That's why they have Joel Osteen and Creflo Dollar preachin' on Sunday mornings, right?

There are some things in life that stick with you and you never forget. Certain memories from your yound life that never leave you. This might be one for them.


Execumama said...

Honey, it sounds like you've EARNED the right to stay in and rest on a Sunday, if that's your only day to make some time for yourself! One of the many wonderful things about God is that he can hear us wherever we pray! It sure does look like you are doing an amazing job with your little ones. God's continued blessings to you and your beautiful family!

Rachel said...

I COMPLETELY understand, and there isn't any real rule that you MUST worship in the presence of others. Jesus also took times to draw away, rest, and meditate. I know God understands!

Following in my Shoes

Kristin said...

Wow....I need to go back to bed and rest awhile just after reading about all you've been up to! That did sound like a great idea for the chili cookoff and that is awesome what was said about your son! If more parents would put the fear of God into their kids to behave, this world would be a much better place! I'm the same way with mine. Alot of parents these days don't care and then they want to act like something's wrong with you because you expect their kids to behave!

As for church, well you know that what God wants most is to have a relationship with us, not necessarily just for us to go to church. And I love Joel Osteen.....i still watch him even though I go to church now.