Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They don't look like me..

Halloween is right around the corner. Whoo HOOOO!

The Party City flyers have started coming every week. This week, Miss Missy decided to look at it together at the kitchen table as she enjoyed her afterschool snack.

Party City has a lot of costumes on display on the front page.

"I like this one, mommy." She was referring to a Snow White costume.

"But you already have that one. You just wore it on your birthday."

"Yeah, but it's old already. I need a new one."

"Hmm. What about this cat costume. You said you wanted to be a cat, right?"

Yeah, but that cat has pink on it. I want my cat costume to be all black. Cats don't have pink on them." Okay, so the pink fur around the head, arms and legs, down the front and the tail was a bit much. But it was meant to be cute. I thought she loved cute!

After looking through the flier a few minutes more, she says to me, "Mommy, there aren't any brown people on here."

"You know, baby, you're right. There aren't an brown people." I was surprised she'd noticed. I mean, I'd noticed the same thing on the previous flier, but for her to notice was a surprise. She's 5 for goodness sakes.

"There should at least be some brown or black or light brown people that look like me and you and daddy on here. That's not fair."

"It's not fair, Hunny. Perhaps we should write them a letter."


She marched off to get her construction paper and crayons.


Dear Party City Advertisers,

I have purchase a costume from your company every year for the past 5 years. As an African American mom, I was perturbed by the fact that my 5 year old was able to realize the lack of African Americans (people like her) wearing costumes in your advertisement. African Americans and other races purchase costumes and may see it as biased that people of color are not featured.

In the future, I'd like to see more variety, as our world consists of an assortment of races and backgrounds and we all wear your costumes.


Kay and Kennedy

P.S. If you are in need of a beautiful face of color for your next advertisment, I have the perfect Little Miss who would look absolutely adorable in a Princess Tiana costume!


Jessica said...

Please tell me you really sent that picture in with your letter! She is tooo much.. I wouldn't be surprised to see her in an upcoming ad!

Seneca said...

Awesome post. Too funny!