Monday, October 26, 2009

Most Embarassing Moment

So, Sass had to dig deep to figure out her most embarassing moment. I decided to dig deep to find mine. Like Sass, I don't embarass easily. I laugh too much. If I do or say something stupid, I laugh at myself.

But there was a time...

(cue the swirly lines that indicate a daydream)

I was out chillin' with some friends. Had to be about 16 because I was dating Blackness, the ugliest boy in the school. We had our teenage selves out hanging out at a playground. I was swinging and talking and laughing with the other juvenile delinquents I frequently hung with (when I wasn't on punishment). And then I got this bright idea to swing as HIGH as I could and.......... JUMP!

While in my mind I was flying through the air with a perfect land, looking super cool in from of my boyfriend and friends, reality jerked me back. Well, my jacket jerked me back as it got caught on the chains of the swing and instead of gracefully landing in the sand, as my body left the swing, I was immediately jerked back and landed flat on my back under the swing.

Laughter roared from all who were there too see and Blackness came over to help me up and asked me what the hell I was doing. I wanted to cry, because my hip hurt like crazy and my jacket was ripped and people were still laughing, but I started laughing to play off my embarassment.

It was certainly time to go. The street lights were coming on anyway...

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