Sunday, September 27, 2009

Streetlight Rule

Remember when we were young and we had to be in when the streetlights came on? I remember the rule being that I better be IN THE DRIVEWAY before it even finished flickering all the way on.

Runnin' Man has that same rule. Only, he decided to push it and twist it to meet his own little needs today.

Sir-Talks-A-Lot comes in around 7:06pm. Well, this could have been for 3 reasons.

1.) He'd twisted his foot on his friend's trampoline.

2.) He was hungry, as he undoubtedly is when he smells something being microwaved. (Yeah, dinner was nuked today)

3.) He "TOLD Runnin' Man the streetlights were on! I TOLD him, Ma!"

I must have stepped out front 3 times thinking that Runnin' Man just had to see the streetlights were on, the sky was getting dark and the bats were out.
Waiting for a kid to come home isn't easy when you wanna jump on them like a spider monkey as soon as they walk through the door!
At about 7:20, I decided that I'd give him 5 more minutes, which actually turned into 10, and he came trotting through the door without a care or concern.

Me: Runnin' Man, did you not see it is dark outside?

Runnin' Man: The streetlights weren't on.

Me: SOOOO, you're telling me that I didn't see the streetlights on when I went outside 20 minutes ago? Almost confused myself.

Runnin' Man: Well, the one that I could see wasn't on yet.

And the Spider Monkey couldn't contain itself any more.

What the HECK did he mean the "ONE"??? What about all the other 29 lights up and down the street? Were they not shining bright, lighting up the streets like a Christmas Tree?

See, with Runnin' Man, I have to be specific. He knows daggone well that the streetlight rule means to come in when the street lights come on, and he twisted to make it mean come in when ALL the streetlights are on. So I suppose if there was a broken one, he'd still be out there until the morning?


Okay, so fellow bloggers, you give a kid an inch and they take a yard. Runnin' Man is currently on hold, waiting for his punishment for this stunt he tried to get over on his mama. Any suggestions on the appropriate consequence?


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You may want to have Runnin' Man write an essay on street lights and how they are sensored to come on. Or how about how to change the one that is broken?

I remember that rule pretty well myself. And if you were in later than that, you had a butt whoopin' to pay for it.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I think you have a future lawyer on your hands...

Anonymous said...

My mom implied the rule with us and I am now implying with my son. He freaks out if we aren't home and the lights begin to come on. Usually wanting to go home and ride his bike.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

My parents were serious about those streetlights and I didn't want to take any chances back then. My kids just love the push the limits.