Thursday, September 3, 2009

Can you say FOOTBALL!!!!!

I've been trying to WALK on a daily basis with my neighbor. Because we have so many hills in our 'hood, it's been a true workout.

So, I'm proud of myself for doing it for 4 days in a row, overcoming the excuses and DOING IT!

It was a bad day for Sir-Talks-A-Lot with me yesterday. When he got home from school, the poor boy was complaining of a stomach ache and a headache. So like a good mother, I let him go lay down and take a nap before doing his homework.

WRONG answer! When I let the child take a nap at 5pm, waking him up an hour later to do homework before dinner causes a child to be SUPER whiny.

So on top of the fact that he had to do homework, THAT HE JUST DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO DO all of a sudden, I'd gotten a call from his new football coach, who was NOT the coach he wanted, and he was NOT picked to be on the same team as his best friend.

Can you say WATERWORKS?!?!?!

The poor boy was so distraught (and probably still sleepy) that he cried full streams of , bawling his eyes out, for 45 minutes.

I tried to console him, I really did. I told Sir-Talks-A-Lot that he must have just done so good that his friend's dad couldn't get him in the draft before the other coach snatched him up. Even my words of encouragement didn't help. After about 45 minutes, I couldn't take the pitiful child's crying anymore and I just said,

"Look boy, MAN UP! This is football. There aren't any crybaby wimpy boys in football!"

Okay, so maybe I was a little harsh. No chance for that Mother of the Year Award now, huh? But there is only so much boo-hooing a person can take!

I personally can't WAIT for football season to start. I really enjoyed being out at night, bundled up in a coat and a blanket cheering on my boys from the sidelines. It was awesome! This year, it will certainly be a lot more difficult with Hubs being deployed and having 2 boys on 2 different teams and 2 different age groups, many games and practices on the same nights, at the same times, at DIFFERENT fields.

can't be in 2 places at once.

I really hate that if they do something totally great and they look up for me to be on the sidelines screaming their name and giving them the THUMBS UP, I might not be there. That's really hard for me as a mom who is ALWAYS there for them no matter what. But it is sure to work itself out. I'm excited about the upcoming season. Probably more than they are.

And this year, I have a CAMERA for ALL the photos!!!


Kristin said...

Ha! Sounds like the same way I would've handled it after awhile. There truly is only so much crying a Mom can take, right?! I hope you have lots of fun watching their games and that it works out so that you don't miss anything!

African American Mom said...

Can't wait to see the pictures!

OHmommy said...

Yay for cameras! I too love football season. There is something special about cuddling up with a blanket outside, no?

Clueless_Mama said...

I can't wait to see my little boy play sports. I love your pep talk to him. Too funny!!!

james jefferson said...

I like obama alot..