Sunday, September 13, 2009

From Barbecue to BaDonkADonk

Having a deployed husband means that there are many days the kids' dinner is going to consist of hot dogs or some other processed meet, mac & cheese or crackers. Many nights it might be that they just have to figure out what they can get out of all three of those choices. With Hubs gone, there is little reason to cook every day for a buncha picky twerps who would rather be at McDonald's.

Then there are those nights when I just have to say LET'S GO OUT TO EAT!

Today was one of the go out to eat days. I needed an excuse to get out of the house. Since Hubs left it has been hard for me to sit inside because the house feels lonely, even during the times when he would have been at work anyway.

We ate at Shane's Barbecue and I have to say it was well worth it. The food was good, and the discount with 3 free kids meal coupons and a 20% off military discount was awesome, but the best part was the conversation. We talked and laughed about much of nothing.

My best friend was texting me about her son's up and coming birthday and after about 5 texts, Sir-Talks-A-Lot just said, "Ma, you need to tell whoever that is that keeps texting you that we are having dinner!"


Sir-Talks-A-Lot is just one of those kids that says exactly what he is thinking when he is thinking it and suffers the consequences later.

I just laughed and relayed the message. The texting stopped.

So as we watched football on the flat screen TVs strategically placed around the place, you woulda thought that my boys actually knew what they were talking about as they sat eating and whooping and wowing and calling out plays while Miss Missy and I pretended to know what a "reverse left" was.

As we were leaving, Sir-Talks-A-Lot walk towards the door and said, "TTKA! Time To Kick...."

"BOY!" I think he knew better than to finish that thought, but I'm not sure....

"What does TTKA mean?" I asked, mpt sure I heard him right, but I pushed him toward the door, not even bothering to look around to see who heard him.

Both boys responded with giggles and repeated, Time To Kick......."

Silence. (No profanity shall pass those lips)

"Don't ever let me hear you say that again."

Okay, that one surely didn't come from me, which is all the more reason that I know I have to more closely monitor my kids TV intake. They are likely to pick up the best of the worse and because it is in cartoon form, they think it's okay to repeat.

I don't know which one is more humorous. The fact that Sir Talks-A-Lot is now speaking in text, or the fact that Runnin' Man told the dog to get away from him because she smells like Ba-donk-a-donk!