Monday, September 7, 2009

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday: Obama Speeks, Our County Refuses to Listen!

I haven't done a TILIT post in quite a while. For those you that didn't have the pleasure of reading any of my TELL IT LIKE IT T-I-Z Tuesday post, these are post where I post about anything that is of great concern to me with all the honesty that my little heart can muster up. I tell it like I see it with MY opinion because, well, this is MY Blog! I touch anything in the news, politics, Hollywood, or my everyday world. It may be hard to accept or hard to handle, your opinions and comments are always welcome and I encourage you to TELL IT LIKE IT T-I-Z on your own blog!


After hearing so much controversy over the Obama Speech being shown nation wide in the schools via web cast this Tuesday, I had to email our school principal to find out if our school would be participating in the viewing.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, as I had before Saturday, and have NOT heard about this, President Obama will be speaking at a school in Arlington, VA and it will be shown via web cast in ever participating school in the nation.

The key word is PARTICIPATING.

Back to my email. I wanted to know if we will be participating in showing our students this web cast, as I believe that it is a wonderful opportunity for the students to hear the importance of staying in school, working hard, and being responsible for their future from one of the highest powers in the United States.

The answer I got back was a NO. Our COUNTY had decided that our students were NOT to participate in watching the President speak. The words of President Obama obviously are not important. What I'm wondering is what is it that these people are afraid of what it comes to the President.

Perhaps it is a horrible thing for the kids to hear that they should stay in school and work hard. I would never want my kids to hear that they should take responsibility for their own future and decide now whether or not they choose to be successful in life by doing the right thing, finishing their homework and listening to teachers now.

Is that code for vote for the VOTE DEMOCRATIC when you turn 18? Subliminal messaging? I gather that the county is afraid that after hearing the speech, kids are gonna start walking around sporting either a red bandanna or a red one. Not representing BLOODS OR CRIPS either.

The speech has been released for America parents to draw their own conclusions. Read it here.

"What you make of your education will decide nothing less than the future of this country. What you’re learning in school today will determine whether we as a nation can meet our greatest challenges in the future." How sinister is that! How could he say such a thing to young impressionable children?

For all of you those parents that are taken their kids out of school and expecting an unexcused absence for that day, what are you truly afraid of? To think that this wretched president, whom America voted for, will encourage your kids to set goal and do everything they can to achieve them, to volunteer in their communities and get involved in extracurricular activities. WOW! What a demon!

I'm considering taking my kids out so that they CAN see the speech tomorrow. Are we excused???

Coming from anyone else, that would probably be a standing ovation speech. Coming from anyone else the speech would be welcome with open arms, but because he is a BLACK PRESIDENT, everything he does is scrutinized. Everything he does HAS to be a bad thing.

Now I am the LAST person to throw in the race card, but TODAY, I am disappointed in my COUNTY and my COUNTRY for the racism I see in this nationwide situation!


Jaime said...

You and me both! I am so angry at our overly dramatic response to doing what our president SHOULD BE DOING- ENCOURAGING and MOTIVATING our children. Is it wrong to tell our children to get an EDUCATION? WTF is up with our country. What gets me, the people who got wound up over this are people who support.. say, Wal Mart.. the most Anti-American, Economic Country enterprise. Awful. Oh yes, let's not forget George Bush and Ronald Reagan did the EXACT same thing.. Live speech, motivate our children. Yeah, let's just say I am PISSED over this outrage. Well better yet, I am outraged over this outrage.

I am not going to belittle religion and those who are Christian, but some of the blogs I have read say that they will sit with the Bible with their children instead of sending them to school to be "brain washed" by our President. Some have gone so far as to say "When you allow my children to pray openly and read their bibles in english class, THEN Obama can speak to my children!" WTF? Seriously. Then don't force my child to read your bible. Here's the thing, I am raising my daughter to think for HERSELF. If she decides she likes Obama, EXCELLENT! (Hell, I would do a happy dance). If she decide she doesn't, EXCELLENT. These are HER independent free thinking opinions. But it's for HER to decide, not me. I also feel the same way for her with each and every president thereafter. Same thing with religion, if my daughter decides she wants to become a muslim, catholic, protestant, baptist, buddhist, whatever, I will support.

I am not stepping away from my soapbox... now.... thanks for letting me rant :)

Jaime said...

Oops, not OUR overly dramatic response but THE overly dramatic response. Argh.

lucydrake said...

Send the kids or don’t send them…either way, they will find out what was said…with the media and people talking, it will get out…

African American Mom said...

You got me thinking....I wonder if my kid's school will be showing it.

Lisa said...

Students should be able to listen to the President's speech

The Peach Tart said...

This is all ridiculous. How could a school or parent not want their children to hear from the President about taking responsibility and staying in school. I'm just amazed. I watched the speech and it was fabulous.

La Pixie said...

first of all, I think throwing in the race thing is just laughable. people dont care for Obama because we dont like his policies. I would be the first to say that he is an excellent speaker. I just dont like what he is saying.

second, the outrage is mostly over the materials that were given to teachers to cover with the students. I definitely have a problem with teachers in public schools telling students that they need to think about how they can best serve Obama. NOT their country, mind you, but Obama. if I have been updated correctly, that bit was removed from the materials, as a result of the outrage from people.

the smallest part of the madness is the fact that parents werent given a choice. just like you should be able to have your kids watch it if you want, parents should be able to not have their kids watch it. now, some parents did have a choice, but some, like in Tempe, AZ, didnt. personally, I think this issue needed to be taken up with the school districts.

Anonymous said...