Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Day 36...

Okay, I'm not walking around looking pitiful like I lost my best friend, but I have.

There are times when I miss Hubs most.

Usually during the times when the TV is on and certain shows are on that we use to watch together. During dinnertime, we use to watch My Wife and Kids, Wheel of Fortune (which I was always better at! LOL) and Two and a Half men, which he reluctantly watch because I wanted to. On Saturdays we spent mant many hours watching HGTV and DIY (which I reluctantly watched because he wanted to). Didn't matter what was on HGTV or DIY. It' s just that every since we bought our house, HGTV and DIY have been the channels to watch for ideas that we vow that we will one day do, know that we are really never going to get to.

I hardly turn the TV on anymore. Except of course to watch Army Wives, The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and House. Those are my absolute favorite shows. The ones where I take no calls and answer no questions.



Mama? Can I...?


MAMA. HE.....


There are other times when I'm really missing Hubs. It seems that I'm super-duper busy after putting the boys in football and claiming that it clearly was not going to be as bad as Hubs said it was going to be for me. WELL, I have to admit that he was right. Chaufeuring around 2 boys on two different teams in two different age groups BY MYSELF proves to be much harder that I'd let on, but as a mom who obviously has it all together (ha ha!) I get the job done!

This was his thing though. Of course we worked together last year, but practices and team pictures were really his thing. I tried to go on some of the outtings, simple because I'm the mom and I felt like I needed to be there with my boys, but he'd try to talk me out of it. Now at first I was a little offended and felt like I wasn't wanted, but quickly realized that even though I'm THE MAMA, I have to step back and let him be the DADDY and have his father-son time.

And that's just it! Football is father-son time and it's hard for me to see them out there being one of the few without fathers to coach them and gently guide them when they mess up on the field as only a dad can. Gently as a ROCK! It's football dammit!

And because it's football. I have to take on that hard core attitude and remember that when one of those 200lb 4th graders rams into my 64lb baby like I frieght train, I can't get run on the field, tackle the kid and pull out my beat-em stick for hurtin' my boy!

Nope I have to stay on the side lines and yell to my boy to "MAN UP! Suck it up! This ain't Ballet!"

And you know when I REALLY miss Hubs??? Laundry Day! Laundry is my all time worse chore. The FOLDING part. I can't STAND to fold laundry. That's the one task that I most appreciate Hubs for taking over. Some wives can complain that their husbands don't do anything around the house, but that's not the case with mine. I don't have to say anything about doing laundry and before I know it, it's already done. Somewhere in between washing the cars and maintaining the lawn, the laudry was done every weekend by Hubs. For that alone he is great. For that alone, I miss him.

So here it is, day 36 and I have washed and folded at least 36 loads of laundry and missed 25 episodes of Wheel of Fortune since his departure.


Jessica said...

I know this has got to be THE HARDEST THING YOU'VE EVER GONE THROUGH! Try and keep that beautiful head up. I know there will be lots of days, but just remember how fabulous you are. You CAN do this and it WILL pass. I'm thinking about you!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

You are doing it, Girl. As hard as it is, what counts is that you aren't curled up in a ball, in bed somewhere but you're making it happen. Yeah, what's even harder for us moms is to tell our kids to suck it up. But, when the hubs gets back, he will take over the father son football thing once again.

Hang in there. You're doing good!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Awwww! I'd be going out of mind if I were are doing GREAT!