Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Too much for a comment response!

Know that when you come to my blog, you can respond to what I say however you see fit. I'm not gonna erase ya unless I feel your response is too vulgar or just outright horrible. But also know that you may very well say something that may become the subject for another post and I may very well put you on blast!

My last post on The OBAMA Speech made a few people stand up and say exactly what was on their minds. I HAD to respond in detail to one:

La Pixie said...

first of all, I think throwing in the race thing is just laughable. people dont care for Obama because we dont like his policies. I would be the first to say that he is an excellent speaker. I just dont like what he is saying.second, the outrage is mostly over the materials that were given to teachers to cover with the students. I definitely have a problem with teachers in public schools telling students that they need to think about how they can best serve Obama. NOT their country, mind you, but Obama. if I have been updated correctly, that bit was removed from the materials, as a result of the outrage from people.the smallest part of the madness is the fact that parents werent given a choice. just like you should be able to have your kids watch it if you want, parents should be able to not have their kids watch it. now, some parents did have a choice, but some, like in Tempe, AZ, didnt. personally, I think this issue needed to be taken up with the school districts.

Oh, come ON, La Pixie! Really? So you really believe that there was NO race issue what-so-ever in this? Obama's entire presidency has been nothing but a race issue!

How many democratic presidents before this have been harassed, by the GOP the way Obama has?

How many were asked to legitfy (it's a word, im MY DICTIONARY :-) ) their birth certificates? (*crickets*)

How many times has a soldier been allowed to OPENLY NOT SERVE HIS TERM because they were against the president?

How many previous presidents have had a hard time trying to get EVERYTHING to pass?

How many? NONE! That's how many.

Why is that, do you think? Why is Obama having such a hard time in office? Why? Because he is the first BLACK president, that's why.

And as for the GOP.... because those are who have the problem with everything.... to try to stop the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to speak positive to the children of America, is absurd! Never have I heard of such a thing! And if the problem was that he asked the students to write something based on what they could do to help the president, what's the big deal with that?

"What can you as a child do to insure that the country runs smoothly by your president?"

"What ideas do you have that could help the president make sound decision to insure you have a better future?"

"What can YOU do to help me make this a better world for all of us to live in?"

What is wrong with asking the students to THINK?

Have we not been asked the same types of questions in history or social studies class when we were growing up? The only difference is that we now have technology in place that allows the president to ask these things "face to face".

Funny, though, you say that the parents should be allowed to have a choice of what their kids should NOT watch. Sex education is taught in the classroom and if a parent decides that they don't feel sex education appropriate for their seed, they take them out of that lesson. The school, the COUNTY, doesn't decide not to teach it! If I have a problem with my child learning about the dinosaurs because I don't believe in evolution, but the bible instead, are those teachings going to be bypassed and taken out of the curriculum?

So, La Pixie, I've always known that we don't have the same beliefs as far as politics goes, and I really didn't expect you to understand why I felt my children would benefit from hearing a positive message from the president. Maybe when you have children of your own (don't rush it, though. Enjoy that new marriage!) and want them to understand the importance of securing their future, you'll see why, in this situation, Obama was doing the right thing!

** Special Thanks to La Pixie for leaving an honest comment. Visit her cute little blog, Pixie Dusted, for some fresh and tasty cooking ideas from a newly married girl.


La Pixie said...

ha ha, when I saw the title of your post, I knew you were responding to me! also, thanks for the shout outs. I love that we can disagree so happily.

youre right, of course, that because Obama is half black, some people are going to always make their issues with him about that. those people are nutty, though. and I honestly dont think that most people feel that way. I think that in this particular contraversy, his race wasnt any part of any issue.
I think that to say the people who disagree with him fight him so much because he is part black puts us ALL in a bad light. maybe I just dont like him because he is part of the corrupt Chicago political machine. maybe I dont like him because the idea of universal healthcare scares the crap of me. maybe I see how Hollywood falls all over him and his liberal ideas and that puts a bad taste in my mouth. what Im trying to say is that there are a myriad of reasons to dislike him. the healthcare issue alone was enough to get me out marching against him when he came to AZ. we dont like that and are willing to fight against it. he chose to make that his big issue, which is fine, but he picked a topic that would energize BOTH sides.

also, the birth certificate thing is wacko as far as Im concerned. I dont appreciate people who compare Obama to Hitler, but they said that same about W and Hitler. I didnt think that normal people thought those things. I knew that only nutty people would believe that kind of stuff. you posted before about the soldier who quit, and I totally agree with you about it. maybe that guy was just a racist coward, I dont know. I do know that just because he was wrong in what he did doesnt diminish our reasons for disliking Obama. I didnt like Hilary, I didnt like Gore, I didnt like Kerry. as people, I dont know them, but I dont like their ideas. same with Obama. and people in my circle mostly feel the same way. the only time I hear racist comments about Obama is when Im online, and I truly believe those are the minority nutcases. and the only times in civil conversations that his race is brought up, it has ALWAYS been by the Democrat. and it is ALWAYS that Im hating on him because he is black. I feel like, address the real issue!!!

oh, and I laughed out loud at the comment you left me!

Divamom said...

Unfortunately President Obama will always have the "race thing" hanging over him, because he is the first Black president. Whether we want to admit it or not (mostly non-blacks don't believe it), it's always going to be there. Even he knows that. Nothing is wrong with him asking for the kids to come up with ideas to help him. He needs all the help and prayers he can get! He's the first president to come up with some "out of the box" ideas and people just can't get with it. I think he's to be commended for even wanting to take the time out to talk to the children, and that he thinks that they are important enough to talk to. I admit that he wasn't my choice (neither was McCain), but I believe in making the best of what we have. He's there until his term is over, so I believe that we need to be praying for him to lead our country in the right direction, instead of tearing him down or holding on to not liking him. That should hold true with any president that gets elected, that we might not approve of. Lord knows we've had some shifty ones and color had nothing to do with it!

Be Blessed!

African American Mom said...

Hmmm, mmmm, Amen!

La Pixie said...

oh, lordy, McCain/Palin was NOT my choice either! =)

I do pray for him. its more difficult, since I dont like him. and once agaiin, I say "like him" but I really mean that I dont "like his ideas/policies." just like W entered his presidency with the nation divided, Obama has, too.

Mommy Fabulous said...

I'm with you, Divamom, when she said that mostly it's non-blacks who don't think that it's a "race thing". And I don't care what percentage of Barack is black..... half, three quarters or a drop..... the world is still gonna seen him as a black man and honestly, he is gonna have a harder time than any other president. Regardless, it has a lot to do with race. If you go back and check the polls, there were a large number of people that admitted that they would not vote for O because he was black. The percentage of hispanics was pretty high, if I do recall.

My point is, to the majority of those people who counted him out before he even got started, it doesn't matter what comes out of his mouth. He is gonna be in the wrong. You, La Pixie have counted him out and if he says the sky is blue, you are gonna disagree! Why, because you don't have the same beliefs or views as he does. But to say that the President of the United States should not speak to the children... that is crazy!

The man is in office now. People just have to deal with it, pray that he CONTINUES to make sound decisions, and try to support him because we as a nation are divided enough.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh ...

I'm really tired of being called a racist because I do not like Obama. And, like LaPixie, when I say that I do not like Obama, I mean I do not agree with many of his policies or opinions. I know that it can be very hard for some narrow minded folk to believe, but it's true that it's possible to see someone for who they are, not just what color they are. I do not agree with his stance on abortion. I do not agree with his choice of appointees. I do not like his arrogant tone. I do not like that he had the second-most liberal voting record in the Senate. I do not like his close affiliations with race-baiting social activists. I do not like/agree with Kerry, Biden, Pelosi, or Reed on most issues, either. So does that make me racist against white folk? Are those who didn't like/agree with Bush racist?

And in answer to your questions ...

I dare say that Clinton had a mighty hard time against the GOP. I recall at some point there was even an impeachment involved. Could it be that the attacks against Obama seem a little more personal to you because of his color and therefore are magnified in your mind?

Every candidate ever to run for President has to 'legitify' their birth certificate. And they have all, including Obama, successfully produced it. I don't recall the GOP leadership leading this. I do recall there were private groups and individuals going crazy over the issue. There are always ridiculous side-issues that come up like this during political races - they're called smear tactics, and both parties are well versed in them.

I don't know the background of the military issue. We have a voluntary military force. Any soldier who refuses to serve his Commander in Chief is a shame to himself and to his country.

I believe Clinton and Bush both had difficulty getting much of their legislation to pass - it's always an uphill battle when the opposing party has control of the house and senate. As far as I can see, Obama's had a pretty easy go of it (ie the bizarre stimulus package, Sotomayor, et al) until the health care debate came along. And that's not going anywhere right now because his own party can't unify behind it. If they could, it would sail right on thru. It's not passing because people have genuine disagreements with the content of it.

I also believe that there were Senate hearings, investigations, and a lawsuit or two after Bush spoke to school children in 2005. And I'm pretty sure it was the Democrats who were leading that charge.

I wish we could all agree to disagree without being attacked or attacking because of race. Isn't that what King, Parks, and Obama have fought for?

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Uh oh!

I know it took a while to respond to this, but I simply have not had the time.

But first of all, Anonymous (COME OFF FROM BEHIND THAT TITLE UNLESS YOU'RE ASHAMED OF YOUR BELIEFS) I never once called ANYONE racist, nor have I insinuated that La Pixie is such just because she and I don't agree on said issue. That's crazy!

The simple fact of the matter here and the point that I made with my "narrow mind" is that there is no denying the fact that because Obama is a black man, he is going to have it harder at what he does that the average white man has. SIMPLE. It might hurt to hear, but our world is STILL divided by the color of one's skin.

This is not just with the presidency. This is with everyday life.

Tell you, an don't lie, if you are walking in the mall and a group of black males walk by, do you not feel a little intimidated a little? I DO! So I know that if you don't then you are a LIE! Yet, if a group of white boys walk by I'm less on my guard. It's just the way that the world has percieved black men. I mean, no matter how you paint it, a black man has it harder out there that a white man does.

Racism is out there. Profiling is out there and the more you try to sugar coat it and pretend that black people call you racist because of what you beleive, the more than I am convinced that you are either blind or you have something to hide.

I respect you for standing up for your beliefs and not going with the crowd. If Obama is not your pick then fine. But if you can't see that is fight is SOOOOO much different than every other presiden't fight before him then all then maybe I'm not the only "narrow mined" person in this comment section.