Friday, September 11, 2009

Politics in Pre-K?

My My My! I just can't get off politics this week.

I picked Miss Missy up from her Pre-K Class, which, by the way she is LOVIN', and as we were walking to the car I started teasing her about her little bitty shorts. I'm trying to get as much wear out of her clothes as I can because the cool weather is a comin'!

This morning, she picked out her clothes. She decided on our Family Reunion shirt.

The shirt has a picture of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Obama and it reads "Rosa sat, so Martin could walk, so Obama could run"

Cute black history concept. All of my kids love those shirts and I hadn't let them wear them to school yet, but this week I was like, go ahead. They are proud of their shirts!

Well, a Miss Missy is skipping to the car and getting in.

As usual, she started going into what happened today.

Miss Missy: "Miss D was like, is that an Obama shirt? And I said YES and she said, Oh, that's nice. Then another boy said is that an Obama shirt? And I said yes. But then this girl named Madison was like, is that an Obama shirt and I said yes and she said I don't like Obama. He's a bad president. And I told her, (she put her hands on her hips) NO HE'S NOT! And I didn't talk to her NO MORE!"

Amazing what kids are saying, huh? What does a Pre-K kid know about a bad president? My kids really only know that Obama is a big this because he is the first black president, although Miss Missy did say when we got home and talked about her day more in detail that McCain only wants money. I asked her where she got that idea from and she said she heard Sir-Talks-A-Lot say it. She's 4!

I think it's crazy that our children's young minds are absorbing so much of this political battle and they feel the need to defend the side their parents are on because that's what they hear in their homes.

The one that really got me was after the election, Sir-Talks-A-Lot comes home from school and when he tells me about his day he looks like he wants to cry because some little girl in his FIRST GRADE CLASS told him that Obama was a baby killer. "That's a lie, right mom?"

It's not easy trying to explain to a seven year old that Obama does not and has never killed any babies, and that his classmate doesn't know what she is talking about.

It's not easy explaining to a 7 year old that Obama is pro-choice and thinks that women should have the right to choose if they want to have a baby or not. So he pretty much just let it go amd he didn't ask anymore questions.

Thank goodness, but I can imagine all the MY MAMA SAID comments he made on the playground the next day!


Fishy Fish said...

Its amazing what children say...and to think we assume they dont pay attention pfft!! Im glad little miss missy put her in her place as well....He is not a bad president

Ms. Bar B: said...

Boy boy boy, lol. Little Miss Thang handled herself very well first of all, haha. Yes, it is a trip how the political is not only personal these days, but its also gone playground. On one hand, it just shows how vigilant our children are and how much potential they have to prosper in whatever field they choose later in life, BUT on the other hand, most of the time, it really is a bunch of "my momma said" going on. Hopefully the whole thing will blow over and Miss Missy can move on to being friends with little homegirl =)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I loved the shirts!

Miss Missy can definitely hold her own. It is sad though, that the conversation isn't on who watches Little Bill or Dora but on politics....and the sad thing is, stuff that they hear the parents talk about and have no idea about.

I seriously doubt any of the kids will want to go toe to toe with Miss Missy.

Execumama said...

I love how your daughter handled herself, and I sure would pay good money to hear the "My Mama Said" comments too! It just goes to show how particular we need to be about what we say and do around our children, b/c they sure do absorb it all!