Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tribute to MJ. It was his Birthday....

If you are one of those people that are saying JUST LET MICHAEL JACKSON REST IN PEACE, and you are SO TIRED of hearing about him, this post is NOT for you! Come back tomorrow!

Last night, the kids and I watched "Man in the Mirror. The Michael Jackson Story". I know this movie came out back in 2004, but this was my first time seeing it.

My kids are all things MJ! Anything that has to do with MJ and any song that comes on, they are there, singing right along.

These are kids that had NO IDEA who Michael Jackson was before the day he died. The only song they knew was BEAT IT because it is on Guitar Hero.

On the day of his death, while I was glued to the TV, watching the coverage in awe, Sir-Talks-A-Lot walks in and says, "Ma, who's that funny lookin' white woman they keep showing on TV?"

When I'd composed myself from the laughter and explained to him that the funny-lookin' white woman was Michael Jackson, he responded with, "So what's so big about him? So he died. And?"

Two months later, all of my kids know MJ's work WORD FOR WORD!

Every time we are watching coverage on MJ, Miss Missy always sadly says, "Mama, I wish I would have met Michael Jackson. I wish we had a picture of him."

Their iPods are filled with and CONSTANTLY playing everything from the Jackson 5's oldies, to Heal the World to Billie Jean. Miss Missy says that she doesn't want to listen to any other music unless it's MJ. Personally, it doesn't bother me. My iPod had a huge collection of MJ on it way before his death and I could listen to him over and over because it brings back memories of my childhood.

I am personally thrilled that they are finally getting that man's body in the ground. I'm happy that the investigation into his death is coming along and that they will soon have someone behind bars. Not that I think it excuses MJ for being addicted in anyway, but as doctors, I just feel that someone should have known better.

Yesterday would have been his 51st birthday. I always remembered his birthday because my mom's birthday was on the 22nd and she use to always say something about MJ's birthday being in the same month as hers. I wish I could have been in NY to celebrate with Spike Lee in Prospect Park. I woulda had me a sequin glove and pretended I knew how to moon walk!

You know what? I think I just found my Halloween Costume! Stay tuned!


Kristin said...

Oh yeah, I totally forgot that his Birthday was on the same day as mine!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That shows just how much you have instilled in your kids, music appreciation. I love hearing about kids that listen to so many types of music and respect the artist's abilities.

AMIT said...

Yeah thanks for this tribute to him but sad that he is no more here.

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